46 Awesome Ladder Shelf Decor Ideas For Small Porch

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Most people who have just moved into a new house or apartment struggle to decide on how they are going to decorate and organize their belongings. Some may spend weeks or even months picking out furniture or getting things put into the right place in a way that suits their personal taste; do you go for a cozy lived in feel or a sleek modern look? Sometimes it’s better to just forget about following the latest trends and go for neat and functional. One great space saver that uses the vertical wall space in your home are shelves, these simple pieces of furniture will have your house looking clean and organized in no time. Whether you want to store books, CD’s, potted plants or records, there will be a style of shelf to fit your homes decor. Step shelves, leaning shelves, standard wall shelves all of these are options and will give each room a particular character, though if you’re having a tough time deciding on which to buy why not go for the currently popular ladder shelves.

Nowadays ladder shelves have become a hot item in most homes around the world, they have a friendly homely feel and come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. For those of you that have never come across ladder shelves before, then imagine an A-shaped step ladder with platforms going along each pair of rungs. When placed against the wall it gives the room an interesting dimension, because the top shelf is small and each lower level gradually gets longer forming a step shape that comes out of the wall. Even if you are the most uncreative person in the world, this setup will give your room an interesting edge and force you to think about how you’re going to decorate the shelf, what will you put on the different sized platforms?

The ladder shelves are a great addition to any modern interior and will definitely give your living space a more dynamic appeal. Most people like the idea of these shelves, because besides being creative, they are very reasonably priced. If you do a quick online search for ‘ladder shelves’ you’ll realize that the lowest price item is just $50. Though if you’re looking for a more up market variety, then there are shelves costing as much as $800 from certain brands.

Ladder shelves come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common types are made from good quality hard woods, which will be coated with a specific finish. There are also ladder shelves made from other materials, such as bamboo or even metal for extra durability. An example of a unique shelf is the ‘Shanxi Shelf’; this oriental styled product is made from a strong hammered metal in a black finish hide metal shine. The upside to having a metal shelf is that it can withstand more weight and will last longer than a wooden shelf; this is especially true if you live in a humid climate.


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