47 Stunning Furniture Tiny House Design Ideas For Simple Life

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Have you had any thoughts for small space furniture for your tiny house, small apartment or studio? I’m sure you’ve searched the web for different ideas. If and when you get into this new adventure of tiny houses and small space living, you will find quite a few storage options or you can customize your own to fit your needs in order to maximize the new tiny space you will live in from now on.

In the meantime while I was writing this article, I ran into a little interruption… I have a teenage kitten named Coco and he decided to creep up into the attic through the A/C unit in the laundry room. He’s been up there for 4 days now, without food or water, and no matter how many times I’ve sweet talked him into coming down, I’ve had no luck!

Would you believe I even called the local Fire Department and 3 fire-fighters went up into the attic to help out with this situation, but they gave up saying “he’ll come down when he’s good and hungry”. So then, a little after they left, I went upstairs to the attic and sat down on the edge of the Attic stairway and started to sweet talk him again and after about 15 minutes, (I had turned myself into a kitty shrink) he voluntarily walked towards me and I grabbed him before he would decide to jump away. Has this ever happened to you?

Smart Small Space Furniture

Part #2 – Sofas

But getting into the real reason for this article, this past week I read for the first time articles by Architect, Sarah Susanka, FAIA, Acclaimed author of “The Not So Big House” series, “Home By Design” and “The Not So Big Life” where she transforms houses into dual purpose rooms and presents better solutions that fit our current lifestyles for that different kind of house you are dreaming of.


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