45 Magnificient Custom Wreaths Design Ideas For Holiday Decor

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Whether you are a novice or have been making wreaths for years, wreaths are pretty easy to assemble once you get a feel for the basics. If you want to make a decoration for your gate or front door, over the fireplace, or as part of the holiday season, here are many ideas to get you started creating a beautiful wreath for your home.


Harvest wreaths celebrate the season by using gourds, apples, seed pods, brightly colored leaves and dried corn. Using a pre-made base made of straw as a foundation will help you to quickly create a harvest wreath.


Elegant holiday wreaths can be made by attaching red bows, tree ornaments, dried roses and cinnamon sticks to a straw base covered with silk garland.


A wreath of evergreen can be adorned with plastic red applies, berries and a bow. Or you could use silk fruit and foliage and small tree ornaments in red and green colors.


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