44 Incredible Fall Crafts Ideas To Copy Right Now

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In cases of family presents, we all have the “old” photos, old family history photos, and current photos of past holidays. Consider doing a “lifetime” photo album for someone who has no time to collect, sort and mount photos into archival photo albums. You can give the gift of TIME! Gather copies of all of your old photos and place those copies into a beautiful album. This is a great gift for someone who has piles of photos in boxes yet has no organized way to view them. A great way to give this gift of time is to pre-arrange an outing (to a state park or festival), take photos and do drawings throughout the festival and then collage them all, bring all the art together and present the present to your recipient later on in the year. (For example, go to a “holiday” celebration, parade or festival during the month of the person’s birthday and collect the memorabilia for your future collage. If a person’s birthday is in February, you can collect hearts and flowers and valentine’s type themes at local events, and create a “red and white” special collage or photo book for that person. If their birthday is in September, you might collect “fall” type items, or if in December, you might collect Christmas themed-items and do a holiday or Christmas combined “birthday/Christmas” collage or photo book.


Photos, video photos, this is the way to go, especially if your recipient does not own a video camera. You do the video at the event. After you take the videos you can put them online through one of the free website services. Check with a good search engine to find a free website that permits you to post photographs and videos. Then put your family video up there ON PRIVATE – so that only your family can see the video. You can do some research online and even find some programs that allow you to make a “video scrapbook”. Now, that’s the perfect gift for someone who has a computer but does not have a video camera. There are many sites online where you can store and display videos. This is very helpful for those people who do not own video cameras. If your family member doesn’t own a video camera, he/she can still enjoy seeing videos online if you store them at one of those free sites. If you have a holiday video, you might even be able to bring that to one of your local tv stations for display there. The key is creativity, hard-work, positive-thinking and persistence. Collect your photos and videos all year long and present them to someone as a “New Year’s Gift”. You just might make someone’s day!

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This Valentine’s Day go out and photograph all of the beautiful window displays and community displays that feature hearts and valentines and valentines-related theme pictures. Collect these and save them for the following year. Do some of your own valentine poetry or go online and do some research for some free poems that you can use in your personal album. (Lots of sites have poems and art subjects you can use FREE -as long as you do not use them for commercial purposes. Obey all copyright laws and double-check to make sure these images are free. So, after collecting free images and poetry all year long, put your work together in a nice scrapbook. Check with your local scrapbook stores to find “scrapbook” pages to make your album beautiful. You can also check with Pearl Paint Stores and Michaels Crafts for some awesome additions to your collection. Both of these stores are awesome and have reasonably-priced items for all holidays.


You can give the gift of “time” in another way. Make a collage of either old or new photos OR combine some old and new into a time line capsule collage. If you go to thrift shops or garage sales, you can usually find old magazines and even some newspapers to use in your collage. Create a unique collage, place it all together on a craft board, and to top this present off, make a beautiful photograph of the collage. That last item will be your special personalized gift that is irreplaceable. Your photo of your collage. Most people you know will love a collage that is personal. You can find great collage pictures everywhere. Check old magazines. Check recycled magazines and check the libraries discarded book areas.


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