43 Fabulous Small Living Room Design Ideas That Merges With Minimalist Dining Room

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While it may seem daunting to fill a large living room with furniture, it can be an even greater challenge to make a small living room look comfortable without feeling cluttered.

This is particularly true if you’re a renter. You may have bought the perfect furniture for your last apartment but fitting it in your new one has proven virtually impossible. Nothing seems to look right, often because the room’s dimensions are drastically different from the last apartment.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make a small living room more homey and comfortable.

If your room isn’t carpeted, you’re already a step ahead. While wall-to-wall carpeting can make a home look warmer, it can also give it a cramped feeling. The eye can easily be fooled. Where carpeting can make a room look small, tile can make us think a room is larger than it really is.


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