48 Stunning Vertical Garden Design Ideas To Make Your Home More Fresh

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1. Pay Attention to the Entrance

A more attractive entrance creates an excellent aesthetic appeal. There are several ways of achieving this. Plant a flower that releases strong fragrance, such as jasmine, in vases and place them neatly on the entrance. Climbing roses are also a very pretty way of decorating an entrance. A colorful ‘Welcome Sign’ can also suffice.

2. Decide on a Temporary or Permanent Structure

In the situation where you’re living in a rental space, don’t build for the long term. There’s nothing more heartbreaking then putting a lot of time and effort into something and then having to give it up later. Light-weight materials and wheels will come in handy when mobility is a major determinant factor, such as when you’re living in a temporary residence. If you live in a home where your stay is permanent it is reasonable to spend more time and money on decorations and heavier objects.

3. Consider Sunlight and Shade

Remember, plants need both sunlight and shade to grow in a healthy manner. Hooks are mostly used for mounting the plants in different areas depending on the species of the plants. It always pays dividends to do a little bit of research on each plant and put them in areas of the garden which conforms to their growing needs. The vertical garden design will also affect the way in in which the plants get their shade and/or sunlight.

4. Dimensions of the Structure

When it comes to gardening designs, the height and weight of the structures are crucial. Furthermore, the design of the garden must be capable of holding the plants. An extremely low lying garden can get damaged easily while an excessively higher one can present problems when it comes to caring for the plants. Keep them at a good balance and think things through when first installing your garden.


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