43 Fantastic Hang Bathroom Shower Curtain Design Ideas To Try Asap

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If you have a shower in your bathroom and have no plans to install shower doors, then you will need to at least hang bathroom shower curtains. They come in a large variety of designs such as novelty, nautical, retro and designer. You can find bathroom shower curtains that require curtain hooks or curtain rings or ones that are hookless, in a contemporary style of modern but the most important aspect of your curtains should be that they go with the rest of your bathroom d├ęcor. Some shower curtains are cloth but because of the type of cloth used in their construction, you must also hang a vinyl one to prevent your floors from getting wet.

Most bathroom shower curtains are competitively priced although design and manufacturers will have an affect on their prices. Designer curtains will naturally be more costly than regular curtains but many feel the cost is relevant to the quality of product they receive. Some retailers carry a wide variety of shower curtains and vinyl liners. They offer you different colors in the same design as well as offering matching curtain hooks and curtain rings which are sold separately. Some of the most popular designs are retro in style.

Many people are choosing to use retro style shower curtains because of the novelty of them. Retro style shower curtains may be flowers, circles, squares or anything that may have been popular in the 1950’s through the 1970’s. They come in many different colors and bring back a feeling of nostalgia to adults who lived through those decades. These styles can also appear somewhat modern in their style but be not fooled, they are definitely retro and a true love child will know the difference when they see them.

All bathroom shower curtains are the same length measuring 72″ long. They also are all one width, generally 70″ wide. Some shower rods will require two of the same curtain to cover the entire rod like with an oval curtain rod. Vinyl liners are also the same size and designed to be placed behind a fabric curtain so the fabric does not fade or mildew or allow water to soak the bathroom floor. If you find that your vinyl liners are too long and show beneath the fabric curtain, you can always cut the bottom of them off shorter than the fabric curtain. This will not affect its efficiency in keeping water from soaking the floor.


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