46 Awesome Wooden Deck Pool Design Ideas For More Comfortably And Safely

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Wooden deck boxes are beautifully made pieces of furniture which will suit your outdoor needs as well as your indoor needs. Because they can be used just about anywhere for a variety of functions, they will end up saving you a lot of money and cleaning time down the road. While the benefits are nearly endless with a quality wooden deck box, there are five reasons why a wooden deck box is a worthwhile investment.

The first main benefit of a wooden deck box is its ability to keep your outdoor items clean and dry even in the rain. There is a wide variety of sizes available and they can be purchased to fit in the perfect spot whether it is on the deck or in the yard. Wooden deck boxes allow you to finally organize all of your outdoor equipment while still keeping it handy and they are especially useful for small decks which are prone to excessive clutter. Popular items to store outdoors include gardening supplies, furniture cushions, and toys. Hundreds of dollars can be potentially saved by protecting cushion sets inside deck boxes because they are prone to mold and fading if left outdoors.

Storage boxes made of cedar are both resistant to harsh weather and insects. Other wooden deck boxes may need to be treated with sealant or varnish to keep it waterproof season after season.

The second reason wooden deck boxes will save you time and money is due to their ability to act as other pieces of furniture. Using the box as extra seating for guests is easy with the boxes because most of them are made with flat lids and a sturdy foundation and many are large and sturdy enough to fit two adults at once comfortably. They can also act as coffee tables or a bench next to the pool or hot tub.


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