41 Brilliant Pink Bedroom Color Schemes Design Ideas For Your Lovely Daughter

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ou want to paint your very small bedroom, but think it is too small for colors and reluctantly decide to revert back to white. On the one hand, you know how boring it is, but at the same time you appreciate the lightness it provides in this small space. I hear this problem from clients many times.

White is in fact the lightest color but does not necessarily make the room appear lighter. On the contrary, if the windows are relatively small, white walls can look like a dowdy gray. If too much light is coming into the room, the walls can be glaring.

A great color to use for a small room is a delicate pink. It is only a little darker than white, however it adds a relaxing, soft quality to a bedroom. A delicate pink is calming. It reduces aggressive feelings and conveys the impression of being cared for, thus improving a sense of self-esteem. As the main hue for a color scheme for the small bedroom, you can combine it effectively with various neutral shades.

Pink is a much preferred color for interior design. Particularly young girls love to use this color in their rooms, but often the sweet and demure shades of pink. However, by adding a little black to pink, you create the lovely earthy shades of pink which you find in marble, some stones and mother-of-pearl. Such hues are excellent for creating a relaxing and elegant atmosphere in bedrooms. A delicate grayed pink is also ideal as an accent color to uplift a heavy quality that can be found in rooms that include too much gray, brown or dark blue.


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