45 Amazing Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas To Try Right Now

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If you are thinking about freshening up your home for the fall, but you want to try something different and dramatic, here are some ideas to point you in the right direction. These are the looks currently being embraced by designers and clients alike, so read on and give them a try!

FRESH COLORS OF FALL: First things first. The driving force for an updated look is an updated color palette. Here are the colors that designers have been working on since February to bring you high fashion this fall. As you can see, it is a surprising mix of brights and neutrals that we get to play with!

A TASTEFUL MIX: Never before has mixing and matching been so popular in interior design. The rulebook is practically out the window – with only one rule left to follow:

BE DELIBERATE. A catchall room is not “eclectic.” A true execution of this design takes careful planning. What’s hot right now is the mixing of pieces that look very “old,” such as antiqued, distressed, or weathered furnishings, with pieces that look very “new” or more sleek and contemporary. A modern drum shade light fixture, for example, over a weathered farmhouse kitchen table. This trend could also be applied to mixing materials within a piece. A beat up Bergere chair could be updated with a fun, geometric fabric pattern and painted with an unexpected new color.


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