46 Stunning Kitchen Counter Organization Ideas That You Must Owned

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In almost every home, there is always one part of the kitchen that is always guilty of clutter, and that is the kitchen counters. Even in the cleanest of homes you will often find that counters are filled with unwanted junk mail, bills, phone books and other papers. You will probably find that most counters also play home to many different small kitchen appliances such as electric can openers, toasters and coffee makers. It’s also a place where we often find decorative accessories or a fruit basket. There can also be spices and dry goods sitting on the counter is glass storage containers or decorative canisters. There might even be a cookie jar! Add all these up and you get clutter and shortage of space on your kitchen counter. If you looking to free up space to use as a preparation area or whether you want to just eliminate some items, the best thing to do is to organize it in an efficient manner to avoid having a messy looking kitchen.

Mail can be the primary culprit for the clutter in most kitchen counters. You can eliminate this by placing a basket near the entry door or you can also choose to mount a wall organizer to house all the mail. You may even want to place a small shredder next to the entry way to ensure that junk mail never makes it into the kitchen. To avoid clutter of small kitchen appliances, put only the small appliances on the counter that you use every day.

Do you need to display a toaster oven and a microwave on the counter at the same time? Appliances that you don’t use on a daily basis can be stored inside a cabinet or any nearby closet.
Although decorative items look cute on the kitchen counter, you should know when to stop adding to the collection of decorative items on the counter. Limit it and your kitchen will look more attractive, especially if it is well-organized. Remove unnecessary items on the counter and free up some space so that you can use the counter for more important kitchen functions.

If you really have to sort mail on the kitchen counter because it has been part of your daily rituals, then using a mini filing cabinet is a good idea. Put the mini filing cabinet on top of your kitchen island or counter so that it can house your mails as well as other papers. Organizing kitchen counters is a priority if you want to achieve a clutter-free and a well-organized kitchen.


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