44 Spectacular Hanging Wall Cabinets Design Ideas For Your Bathroom

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Bathroom wall cabinets can look as intricately graceful as any lovely piece of furniture or as stark and utilitarian as a laboratory. It all depends on the look that you are trying to achieve. Wall cabinets can also be free standing or attached to the wall’s structure. They can be made of wood, metal, stone or glass or a combination of materials. The point is that there are numerous choices of bathroom wall cabinet styles and ultimately, there is one that will fit perfectly in the room that you are trying to create.

Of course, there is the traditional sectional cabinetry that is very similar to the type of cabinets that you find in most kitchens, laundry rooms and even on the back walls in many garages. These sections are available in many styles and sizes and have pieces that are specifically made to attach to the wall either at floor level or ceiling height. They can be made from a more expensive solid wood or the less expensive, but still attractive filler board with wood veneer. Be sure to choose cabinetry made out of a material that will hold up to the increased humidity levels that a bathroom will emit. Some particle board materials can swell up, becoming warped.

Another benefit of installing sectional cabinetry in your bathroom is using all of the different types of pieces to create the look of a custom-made built-in wall unit. Using these pieces together with appropriately placed lighting and mirrors can accomplish a very desired designer effect. Don’t be afraid to use cabinetry that may be more commonly used in other areas of the home. For instance, a set of glass-doors installed on an upper cabinet that is normally used as curio cabinets in a kitchen or dining area can be quite elegant in a bathroom to display linens or collections of crystal or other curios. Add some recessed lighting into the cabinet and you have created a beautiful and unique bathroom look.

Other choices in bathroom cabinetry are small cupboards that can hang above the toilet or any open wall space. You can also find some beautiful stand-alone cabinetry that has the look of high-quality furniture. These cabinets can have detailed scrollwork on them and can even have mirrors built into their doors. The price for a single piece can range from $20 to several hundred. If your bathroom is a size that can accommodate it, a great idea is to purchase either a new or an antique dresser or sideboard cupboard to stand on its own and act as your bathroom cabinetry. Don’t limit your shopping to retailers that only sell bathroom supplies. Almost any piece of furniture or shelving can serve as bathroom wall cabinets. All you have to do is recognize its potential.


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