47 Sophisticated Fairy Garden Design Ideas To Try Asap

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If you want to create an enchanted space then one great way to achieve this is to make a fairy garden. Whether designing for old or young, an enchanted garden can provide a beautiful natural haven for both humans and wildlife!

Five Good Reasons to Make a Fairy Garden

  1. It creates a fun, magical space for children
  2. If you believe in fairies, this is one of the best ways to attract them
  3. This type of garden is eco-friendly and thus good for the environment
  4. It creates a haven for wildlife
  5. It can stimulate the imagination and provide a refuge from the busy modern world

How to Make a Fairy Garden

The first thing to think about is design. Much will depend on the size of your garden, but the key aspects are:

  • Fairy-friendly flowers, such as native wildflowers
  • A natural layout, preferably part-wild, rather than a formal design
  • Homes and food for animals, birds and insects
  • Compost heaps, rainwater butts and other eco-friendly garden areas
  • Fairy statues
  • Trees and natural hedgerows
  • Sensory stimulation – scented plants, tinkling bells, fairy lights, running water, edible fruits
  • Tiny houses and secret places for fairies to hide in
  • A secret area of the garden to play with the fairies!

Inspiration for Making a Fairy Garden

You will probably have a vague idea of what your ideal garden should look like. Everyone is different – you might prefer the quaint flower fairies, or wish to go for a darker, Gothic version of Fairyland. Get inspiration from the fairies – draw ideas from fairy art, fantasy fashion, nature, and the wild places. Try a theme, such as the seashore or woods.


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