43 Wonderful Backyard Garden Water Feature Landscaping Ideas To Copy

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Gardens are the personal retreat’s best option. This saves you on a lot of time and money, as the woods are made available in your own backyard. And what better if there are live animals coming to your gardens? The animals like us also need food and water and if they are made available to them, they would come to your gardens for sure and you can have a small wildlife sanctuary in your own garden.

The easiest way to attract them is using a pond – the best garden water feature for the purpose. In the wild, the animals all flock to the pond to quench their thirst and so if you have one in your own garden, then this garden water feature will give them the same feel and birds, amphibians and other animals will be naturally attracted. This will be the start of your personal ecosystem, which will be self-sustained. And if a birdbath is added, then the birds will come in large numbers are they love to splash and play in water. But one must take care that the water is either changed every 3 days or a fountain is added so that the water does not stagnate and keeps the animals interested.

Building stream, which flow into the pond, will mean that the water is always in motion and hence it will cleanse itself in the normal course and the cleaning costs are minimized. The other important advantage is that the stream will be a rich source of insects and attract more birds and reptiles.

In addition to the primary pond, if a secondary pond is add, then a wetland habitat is created significantly improving the quality of the water and also will amaze you at the various species of wildlife, which will make your garden their home. But make sure not to add any waterfall or fountains in the pond as it will act as a deterrent to the wildlife.


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