47 Pretty Diy Outdoor Lights Ides For Valentines Day To Copy Asap

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Instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants (if you’re coupled), or spending the evening alone with a tub of ice cream (if you’re single), why not throw a Valentine’s party and invite all your single friends? Here are some ideas for making your Valentine’s Day party memorable and fun, with advice from party planners on what to do, interior designers on how to decorate, and fashion design experts on what to wear.

Invitations: E-mail invites are becoming the norm, but for Valentine’s Day, nothing beats a hand-delivered or mailed invitation. For a nostalgic touch, purchase a pack of Valentine’s like we used to give out in school. It’s a fun start to a memorable evening.

Icebreakers: Get the party started as soon as folks walk in the door with a funny Valentine’s Day icebreaker. Cut out photos of celebrities from an entertainment magazine and paste them on index cards. When a person arrives at the party, tape one of the cards to his or her back. This celebrity is the guest’s “date” for the evening. Then let guests mingle, asking each other questions to try and guess who their dates are.

Décor: Interior design experts know that the décor isn’t just about what guests can see, but what they smell, touch and hear. Dim the lamps and light every candle you can find. You want to fill your home with candlelight. Borrow candles from your friends if you don’t have enough. If you’re setting a dinner or buffet table, surround chargers and platters with pink feather boas to add romance and soft texture.


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