48 Brilliant Diy Project Ideas For The Kitchen To Try Asap

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Choose where you want to place your container. Then decide what you want the outside to look like. What do you want on the top. The original container had tile on the top so that it could be placed along the side of the Stove. My wife wanted a place to put VERY hot pots on. What else do you want it to do? The original had a drawer on the bottom to hold garbage bags. This idea could also be modified to work in other rooms of the home. Once you think of the concept let your imagination free. Think about changing the size, the type of material on/for the top, or even the size of the drawer or the number of drawers. What about the sides? Painted or finished. What do you have laying around the house or garage? What can you pick up cheap at your local store? For a recycling bin cover you need to decide first what you want to recycle and where you want to put your bin. Once you decide that you are ready to get your Material List together.

MATERIAL List 3/4 inch wood (use the measurements of your width and depth.) 1 Width and 2 Depths This will be the Wood for sides and back. 1/4 in plywood to use as the bottom This is the bottom for the can to sit on, as well as the bottom of the complete unit if you are adding a drawer Facing of some sort. This can be plain wood that gets painted or wood you plan on laminating, or maybe you can get a cupboard door that matches your kitchen cabinets. Piano hinge as wide as your container (For the top of the lid to open) 1 handle (for the drawer ) material for the Top Plywood as well as finishing material (tile, wood, granite tile) Set of 4 small wheels if you want it mobile. Trim wood for edge of top and drawer

DIRECTIONS We decided that for us it was easier to have a location in the kitchen for cans and another location in the house for paper as well as plastic. So for the Kitchen unit what I did was find a very LARGE plastic garbage can. The tall ones used in a kitchen, NOT round. This will determine the height and width of your container. I measured the height of the stove, made sure that I had an inch or so above the top of the plastic container and got the measurement for the shelf my can would sit on, which left the final height for my drawer. I cut out 3 pieces of wood this was for my Back, and 2 Sides. The full height and depth/width. Determined the bottom, where the plastic garbage can would sit. To do this you measure the height of the can you are using and add 2 inches. Measured out 3 pieces of inch wood, nail and glue these to the Back, and 2 sides on the inside of your wood. After you have measured down from the top. This creates a ledge for the inch plywood to sit on.

You have now created the bottom panel that the plastic garbage can will sit on. Measure out a piece of plywood that is the width and depth of your box. This will create the bottom the can will sit on. Measure out a piece of plywood or other material you have decide to use for your top and cut and mount the piano hinge to the back of the box and the top. This is usually mounted at the rear of the box but depending on your situation you can mount it on the side. Which would work best for you? Cut the front piece the total width and height of your container. Mount the inch wood on the inside of your front piece. Just glue this piece. You don’t want a nail to accidentally show on the front. Basically you are making a box to hold the plastic container, with the added measurement for the drawer. For the front panel I used the same material that the kitchen cabinets were made from. If you can get a Cabinet door and drawer face that matches your cabinets, use that. You might have to modify your measurements slightly to get everything to fit. If you can’t get the door and drawer, use a finished Plywood and then stain or paint it to match your decor. Make your drawer from the plywood and mount the front panel and handle to it. Finish your top off with your material of choice. Tile was used in the original. It is difficult to explain all the steps needed to create this box, but I hope you get the idea. Designing patterns and plans is actually a job better left to the experts. The following link will take you to someone that is an expert. Same name as me but a far better designer. He explains everything as well as giving a detailed material list.



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