47 Awesome Diy Secret Room Design Ideas For Kids Play To Try

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Scott Adams, the creator of the popular Dilbert cartoons, once said: “There are no personal problems which cannot be solved through suitable application of high explosives.” How many of you immediately pictured your kids’ rooms when you read this? Keeping kids’ rooms clutter-free is a huge challenge – add in back-to-school chaos and you’ll quickly find yourself in an explosive situation. Never fear, though, I’m sharing here my best clutter-busting tips for taking charge of your kids’ rooms and one big secret for keeping them from becoming long-term hazard zones.

Declare a give-away day: Find a local charity that benefits children and have your kids join you in clearing out old toys, books and school paraphernalia that can be donated to those in need. This not only will de-clutter their rooms, but serve as a great life-lesson about the joy of giving and helping others in need.

Back-to-School sales: While everyone else is jockeying for the last of the crayons and markers in the office and school-supply aisles, head on over to the storage and organizing section to take advantage of discount prices for cute storage carts, boxes, drawer dividers and other organizing solutions.

Create strategic “zones”: Declaring a homework zone, an arts-and-crafts zone and a playtime zone can help you and your child when it’s time to pick up and put away. A fishing tackle box is a great idea for organizing paints, brushes and craft items and can easily tuck away under a small table or drafting board. A homework zone containing a desk and bookshelf can also employ clever solutions for storage in the drawers, which the bookshelf next to it can do double-duty for school books, binders AND collections of Harry Potter, Nancy Drew and Leven Thumps books.


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