48 Brilliant Indoor Fish Pond Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Have

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It is a question I have been asking myself lately and I think I have come up with the number one reason people want to have a fishpond.


It is purely the aesthetics and wow factor of having a water feature that is attractive, awe inspiring and gets a lot of favorable comments from visitors. Aesthetics. It just looks good, especially if it has colorful koi or large gold fish swimming in it. And everyone wants his home to look good. If you stock it with a few koi fish, it becomes a high class koi pond. Otherwise, it is just another garden pond.


Aesthetically, the pond has to serve as the focal point of your back yard. It probably should be placed near the center of the yard or in a corner if the yard is smaller. It has to be appealing enough to make people want to walk around it. Take into consideration the proximity of fences, trees and shrubbery when planning the location of your new pond.

Types of Fish You Put in Your Pond

There are literally dozens of fish types that you can stock your pond with. Just make sure that the fish you select are hardy, colorful and lively enough to attract attention. Koi fish, fantails and pond comets are good choices for a pond, but the comets and koi are more aggressive than fantails. It might not be a good idea to mix fantails with more aggressive fish.


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