43 Inexpensive Feminine Makeup Room Design Ideas That Women Must Have

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Femininity, the female form and representations of women’s beauty can be seen everywhere. However, when it comes to interior design, you can overdo feminine…especially in a home where members of the opposite sex dwell. Some men may not mind a Victorian-themed bedroom, chock filled with pretty trinkets and floral motifs, but even so, for many women it just doesn’t feel right. So, then how do you go about infusing feminine details without going overboard? It’s a lot simpler than one would think.

Vanity – Create a small nook in a bedroom or bath for a vanity or makeup bar, rather than clutter up sink space with all of your toiletries and products. With so many varieties available, you can find a small vanity to suit the room’s style. Vintage or yard sale finds are always an affordable option and can become a great rehab project. Sand, paint, and stain away. As with dressers and kitchen cabinets, adding new hardware will give them a quick update. Then have fun gathering pretty trays, jars and accents to accompany your everyday items. A smart chair or stool finishes the space and voila! your things are out of the way and you have your very own version of a hair and makeup studio.

Chandelier – A sparkly chandelier with crystals or pops of bright color is a sly way of incorporating feminine charm. Powder rooms, dressing areas and porches are a non-commital space to place them. At the same time, they can lend the space a sense of romance and what better place for romance than in the bedroom? Come to think of it, this may take less convincing than you think.

Pillows and Throws- Literally throw in a few feminine colors and textures with throw pillows and blankets. While your sheets and coverlets might remain gender neutral, a small touch of cable knit, lacy ruffles or rich florals aren’t as in-your-face when done in small doses. Not only just for accent decorating, these cozy items are also useful for relaxing on the couch on lazy afternoons.


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