43 Modern Pumpkin Floral Design Ideas For Your Winter Decorating

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Pumpkins are a staple of winter. Whether Halloween or Thanksgiving, pumpkins undoubtedly play a large role in either autumn holiday. With a little imagination, there are some creative ways to use dowel to craft pumpkin projects for your home.

If you enjoy designing your own floral arrangements, purchase some artificial flowers of various sizes and shapes, being certain to select winter colors. Orange, gold, yellow, deep purple, burnt red, and any other accenting color that reminds you of winter are great ways to go. Then, using your selected flowers, design your own arrangements.

When the arrangement is done, add a touch more of autumn by carving a craft pumpkin and using dowel.

Choose a dowel sized appropriately for the project. Consider the overall size of the floral arrangement, as well as the size of the craft pumpkins. Make cuts to the dowel as required to meet the specific desired size. Before making the cut, however, consider whether or not you would like for the dowel to extend through the top of the craft pumpkin and, if so, how much dowel you would like to show on the top half of the pumpkin.


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