48 Inspiring Cardboard Wikkel House Design Ideas That Built In One Days

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The house is deceptively simple, made from white cardboard, with windows and doors, and a chimney or two. It’s simple to assemble, and may even seem too simple – just a house. But kids love it. For them, the Cardboard House means hundreds of hours of delight – plying in “own” house, being able to arrange toys in it any way they want, and being able to paint it inside and out any way they want. To children’s delight, parents not only do not object, but actively participate in the painting, making it family fun.

Parents like the Cardboard House too. Kids spend a lot of time rearranging toys inside the house – this keeps them from spreading the toys around the real house. When changing things around “their” house, kids tend to play alone – giving parents more time to themselves. When kids paint the walls of the Cardboard House, they seem to get it out of their system. Real house walls suffer a lot less exposure to the little Rembrandts. Giving kids their own house to manage gives parents more free time and leaves them with a lot less cleanup. Made in the USA, the Cardboard House has no sharp corners, and, is easy to fold and unfold, though in our house it gets so much play, we almost never fold it.

Whenever someone visits, kids are able to proudly display results of their painting and drawing activities. Kids also invite guests to visit in “their” house. The Cardboard House is big enough to fit one grownup and one child very comfortably. Two average size grownups and two children need to get pretty close, but still can fit in. Fortunately, the house has two doors and four windows, which become really important when two grownups and two children are inside – you want to keep all windows and doors open, or it will get hot in there pretty fast.

At first I though that this house, made of cardboard, was pretty expensive. It is cardboard, after all. But if you consider how much fun it can be, how many hundreds of hours kids will spend playing with, in, and around the house, and if you consider how much clutter will disappear from your real house, the value of this toy is simply amazing. As a parent, I give it my highest recommendation. Buy a Cardboard House, you will not be disappointed.


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