45 Delightful Wooden Accent Wall Design Ideas For Modern Bedroom

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Bedroom Design Ideas – Introduction

The bedroom is arguably the most overlooked internal living space in many peoples homes. Our busy lives and work schedules mean it’s often difficult to meet new people who can advise us on interiors. And this often relegates this important sanctuary into an afterthought in the home design arena, with the kitchen taking a far weightier slice of our design pie. This article is a quick guide to help you effortlessly transform your bedroom quickly with a selection of tips and hints that provide the perfect formula to achieving the perfect retreat. Our bedrooms shouldn’t just be a place where we retire at the end of the evening. It should be an inviting reflection of our personality which makes dozing off for several hours at a time an absolute pleasure. It should never simply exist as a purely functional environment and we should delight in exploiting it’s full potential to calm, relax and inspire us on our journey to the land of nod.

My top tips to create a beautiful Bedroom Design

1. Window Dressing: The window in a room is a vital frame of the outside world. As such it requires some thought as to how to adequately dress it. By this I mean curtain fabrics. If you have a small window it is very easy to create an illusion of grandeur by adding long curtains that sweep right down to the floor. By adding a pelmet swag above you can easily make your bedroom fit for a King, or Queen!.

3. Fire Place Unquestionably a fireplace will add drama and statement to any living space and the bedroom is no exception. People often think that Fireplace = Chimney. This is no longer the case as I’m about to explain! Recently i was unable to add a chimney flu in my bedroom so I was forced to explore alternative options. There was no way I wasn’t going to have my fireplace focal point!! I discovered Bioethanol fires that require no chimney or additional ventilation. They simply burn alcohol. I bought a white wooden surround and fixed it to my wall, I then added a large piece of slate for the hearth (simply placed this onto the carpet), I then bought a cast iron fire grate from an antique shop and positioned on the centre of the slate. All you then do is add a bioethanol fire insert and perhaps cover it with some ceramic non flammable logs and fill it up. Hey presto you have a working fire in your bedroom!!

4. Accent Wall Accent walls have almost become a little cliched, but there is a reason for a cliche! A well considered accent wall will compliment any room scheme. For a classical elegant look why not try a champagne cream and gold fleur de lis style wallpaper?


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