47 Inexpensive Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas On A Budget

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Pumpkin carving is an age old tradition enjoyed by young and old alike. Whether you want a simple pumpkin carving to sit on your own doorstep or you are planning a pumpkin carving party, selecting the right pumpkin is a vital part of the overall process.

As an overarching principle, the pumpkin you select will be picked according to what you intend to carve on it.

You will have seen in the shops and markets that pumpkins range from tiny to huge and all have a place in the rituals of Halloween. The largest pumpkins make fantastic centrepieces and can take the largest carved designs and probably the most elaborate as well. The small examples are used to demonstrate fine pumpkin carving techniques and these artistic examples are usually given pride of place in any display. For the vast majority of stencil designs that you will either make or buy, medium sized pumpkins are ideal.

It’s a good idea that before you make your trip to buy your pumpkin you make a mental note of the size of the stencil(s) that you will be using and that you select pumpkins using this mental image. Look for pumpkins that are uniformly orange which indicates that they are ripe and for those without bruising or other signs of damage. Any damage will adversely affect the life of the carved pumpkin.


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