45 Pretty Winter Trees Design Ideas With Fireplace That You Need To Try

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A great warm and bright atmosphere in winter could be ensured not only by the traditional Christmas tree with its colorful lights, but also by the right fireplace in the living room or the dining room where the Christmas dinner and opening of presents are to take place. While you won’t have a wood fire but a gas fire in there, the fireplace design may be in any style you choose, so as to match the room layout and the holiday season spirit. Gas fires come with various trim and fascia options that might meet any room design. Nothing may counterbalance better the winter cold than the heat of flames and a joyous comfortable decor.

If the space is arranged in a modern style, you can go for chrome or steel fascia, reflecting the fire light. If, on the contrary, your home is styled in a classical manner, you can choose brass or black finishes or cast-iron fascia frames. If your dining room floor is made of dark brown marble tiles, such finishes would not only match them but impart a sense of refinery and artistry.

If you placed your Christmas tree in the children room, being more concerned to attend to their beliefs and gift expectations than to a formal Christmas dinner for adults, you can opt for a wall mounted gas fire to save some space. If you want one just for ornamental purposes, an open fronted one will do. But if you have small children, maybe a glass fronted one would be a better idea, both for the amount of heat and to protect your kids. You do need a fire guard, too, for this purpose.

If your house is in a rustic style or if your old parents live with you, an outset gas fire would match both, in terms of design and personal needs. The wood casings would suit both your timber floors and the wood paneled walls. At the same time, the high level switches that you may order would work optimally for your old parents.


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