45 Amazing Indoor Garden Design Ideas For Small Apartment To Try

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When first starting an apartment garden, there are several factors you must take into consideration.

1) Do not pick well shaded areas – This should be done for obvious reasons. As any gardener should know, plants need plenty of sunlight in order to grow to their maximum potential. Without the proper sunlight, the photosynthesis process will not happen.

2) Do your research on what type of seeds to plant – You need to know which type of plants will grow successfully in your climate zone and which ones will not. Most vegetables have different growth rates, depending on the time you have for your garden, you should definitely plan which seeds to plant.

3) Examine the soil content-If you plan on potted plants in your apartment, then buy the proper potting soil. When growing plants outside of your apartment, examine the soil to see if it is suitable for proper plant growth. If not, then just buy the necessary potting soil and do the necessary work to replace the old soil with the new. Of course, check the apartment rules first, about planting outside of your apartment.

4) The proper planting procedures-Before starting the planting process the proper planting supplies need to be obtained. These include, but are not limited to, seeds, shovel, bucket, and fertilizer. The soil is the single most important aspect to a successful apartment garden. Remove all debris throughout the area to be soiled. This can be done with a rake.


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