45 Stunning Kids Room Design Ideas That Is Difficult To Choose

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Decorating kids’ rooms presents a unique set of challenges and privileges. On one hand decorating youthful rooms can allow the freedom of not having to conform to the more adult themes or feeling the need to limit how far we take a design or theme. Kids’ rooms can go over the top with whimsical touches, paint colors, accent pieces, and overly matching items. The choices are limitless when it comes to decorating kids spaces.

The challenge comes in the fact that kids grow up quickly and what is appropriate for a two year old’s room doesn’t often translate to a fantastic five year old room. What works for a ten year old probably won’t be still workable for a fifteen year old high schooler. It is important to keep in mind these transitions when planning and decorating a room for a child.

One thing to keep in mind in decorating youth rooms is the amount of ‘stuff’ that kids tend to accumulate. Small toys, clothing, books, drawings, trading cards, etc. all find their way into most kids’ rooms. Design areas for these items to be stored will save you the hassle of having a constantly cluttered kids’ room. Designing storage units, toy chests, book shelves, coat racks and other storage units will not only provide visual interest to your child’s room but will prove very functional as well. In determining what sort of storage you will be utilizing, keep in mind that your child is growing. Choosing an overly personalize, overly youthful looking storage will necessitate replacing it when your child out grows the design look. If you do not wish to be replacing toy chests, book shelves, and other storage consider purchasing classic looking furniture that will blend in with whatever decorations come and go as your child grows up.

Your child’s likes are a good place to start when deciding on a decorating theme. You can use their hobbies, interests or even favorite color as a basis for the decorations in their room. Keep in mind that the more personalized and over the top themed the more exciting and fun the bedroom will be. The down side is that the more personalized and over the top the room is, the more likely it is that when your child outgrows whatever that particular like was the more they are going to wish for an immediate change in decoration.


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