48 Newest Antler Decorations Ideas That You Should Have

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What if you’re new to Antler Decor? Maybe you heard from a friend about the amazing compliments she received after ditching regular chandelier and replacing them antler chandelier. The compliments are now pushing you toward refurnishing your home with antler décor. How would you know what’s cheesy and what’s classy? After reading this article you should be able to make an informed decision the next time you go shopping for Antler Chandelier, Antler Lamps, or Antler furniture.

The two most important factors in making your purchases for your cabin or mountain home is the quality of your decor and how unique you want to be. First, are you going to go with original handcrafted chandelier or plastic chandelier that is mass produced. There is a big difference among the two and original handcrafted chandeliers are usually more expensive but are of higher quality and tend give homes a more rustic feel. In addition, handcrafted antler chandelier are usually more elegant and bring a certain style as the person who crafted the antler chandelier usually takes more pride in their hard work as opposed to antler chandelier that is mass produced and thus are usually poorly crafted. While antler chandelier are the perfect compliment to a warm chimney and wall décor, an individual can push the limits between classy and cheesy and thus proper planning is advised.

This planning could include taking a mental note of a friend’s home that is already decorated with antler décor. Also, a talk between spouses could spark new ideas as to what would work and what wouldn’t work. Another thing to take into consideration is the lighting and the accessories involved. First is it best to go with candlesticks or light bulbs? Most individuals go with candlesticks as the lighting feels more rustic but are a bit more expensive in the long run as new candlesticks have to be purchased on a regular basis. On the other hand, light bulbs are cheaper and some people do not want to deal with taking constant trips to the store to purchase candlesticks.

In the end, an individual will decorate their home as they feel is best for the home. In larger homes, antler décor will be numerous to “fill” the space while a smaller home or cabin will have few antler décor to avoid being “trapped”. Most individuals who fall in love with antler décor is due to purchasing original handcrafted antler chandeliers, antler lamps and antler furniture. In the end, original antler décor is a bit more expensive but it more elegant.


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