45 Cool Tiny Apartment Design Ideas With Bed Disappears To Try Asap

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When you live in an apartment, it’s important to manage your space well. Beds have a large footprint, so it makes sense to focus on them when managing your space. There are many types of beds that give you extra space and make your apartment more functional.

Gaining Privacy

If you live in a studio apartment or share a bedroom with roommates, you don’t have a lot of privacy, and people are always sitting on your bed. With roommates, it can be hard to coordinate sleep schedules, and often times your roommate keeps you up. And in any small space, light from electronic gadgets and noises from the building can create a less than ideal sleeping environment.

Freeing up Space

Beds take up a lot of floorspace. We only sleep in them for part of the day, so most of the time the space that the bed occupies is wasted. Luckily, you can squeeze additional use out of that space with storage beds. Storage beds have built-in storage. They can have drawers under the bed, shelving built into the headboard, or both. This is great because they take what is usually dead space and make it usable.

Even More Space

Even with storage beds, much of the space that your bed occupies will be wasted. Luckily there are styles that reduce your bed’s footprint significantly. Loft beds are like bunk beds, only without the bottom bunk. They are raised high enough for you to fit other furniture under them. Loft beds are great for saving space, and they add a unique style to your room. With lofts, the footprint of your bed is basically reduced to zero because the area can still be put to other uses.


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