47 Amazing Diy Easter Egg Craft Design Ideas To Try Asap

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This project is a simple way to personalize an Easter craft project that you and your child can do together. Teachers would also benefit by having their students create this one of a kind personalized gift for their parents, grandparents, or anyone special to them. For this project an Easter gift for grandparents was created.


1 large clear plastic egg with removable top (we chose a lavender base with a clear top)
1 package of sticky gems (we used purple, lavender, pink & fuchsia with an emerald style)
1 package of transparent word stickers (we chose words about grandparents)
1 package of fun fur stripes yarn in pastel colors (we chose purple & pink)
1 package of jelly beans.

For this project you will first need to fill the bottom section of your plastic egg. We filled ours with a package of jelly beans, but wrapped candy, chocolates or other types of gift items, such as an Easter wash cloth or pot holder with a bag of candy or nuts would also do. Once the inside of the egg is filled, put the clear egg top on. Next, take two strands of fun fur yarn (purple & pink) long enough to wrap all the way around the center of the egg, leaving enough to tie a small bow at the top. This will hold your egg tightly in place and add visual texture. Next, remove transparent word stickers and place them horizontally across the front of the egg top.

Make sure to gently smooth out any air bubbles. Finally, remove sticky gems from the package and stick above or near words to add dimension and sparkle. This project is quick, yet such an easy way for your child or student to personalize a holiday gift for those they love.


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