45 Stunning Dog Bed Design Ideas To Try Right Now

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When searching for the best pet beds for Fido or Patches, you will want to
consider durable materials for outdoor use, and washable fibers for indoor use. Most pet enthusiasts know that dog beds can get very dirty and smelly, especially in the hotter summer months. To avoid your designer dog beds from turning into curbside refuse, make sure that you make a wise pet bed purchase decision based on the size, breed, and health conditions of your pet.

For example, if your pet
suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis, you might want to get a heated pet bed that
will keep your animals’ bones warm while they sleep. Cold bedding can lead to stiff
muscles and joints, causing further aches to your dog or cat that is already

If you prefer designer dog beds, to give your pet its own special flair, you can
purchase beds that are bejeweled or even have your pet’s name stitched into the
fabric. The best kinds of pet beds are washable and durable, because as a pet
owner you are probably very familiar with pet odors and hair shedding. Be sure to
look for bedding that comes with washable covers or made with microfiber material
that will keep dirt and soil from being imbedded into your dog’s pillow. An animal
that has a soft and warm place to sleep at night will love you as a best friend
forever, not to mention will keep your dog or cat from taking up your side of the
bed at night!

If you live in a warmer climate with hot summer months, your pet might enjoy a
durable aluminum framed pet bed that is similar to a camping cot. These beds are
low to the ground but raised just enough to circulate air from beneath to keep your
pet cool. You can also add a throw blanket on top of the bed to create a cozy place
for your pet to snuggle. These types of beds are lightweight and perfect to keep
your pet’s odor from becoming absorbed into your carpets. Animals that have
arthritis will also enjoy new memory foam pet beds that will adjust to their weight
and give them the comfort that they deserve as they sleep. With such a variety of
bed bedding options available, you will surely bring happiness to your dog or cat by
giving them their own place to sleep.


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