47 Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas With Lego Themes

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Simple Steps to creating a creative kids bedroom:

1. Have your Kids take ownership of their space.

Kids will take pride and care of a space that they have put time and energy into. It is important for kids to have space to develop their own tastes and interests. This is especially vital for kids who have to share a room.

2. Have a planning pow-wow

Get your child excited about their bedroom makeover or transformation. Ask your child to visualize their new space, and what they would like in their bedrooms. Consider the colors your child likes, the activities your child likes to do, and what their favorite things/themes are. Also, consider your child’s habits. Some children are messy and need to be taught how to tidy up after themselves, which is easier if they have a space they are proud of. Some are visual and they need to have everything in view. While this can appear a mess, ask your child to find something specific: chances are they will know exactly where it is. If your child is a visual organizer (and most are), you need to devise a different plan for storage and organization. Some children respond to color-coding and some find it easier if there are different areas devoted solely to one activity. Talk to your child and experiment to find a system that works for both of you.

3. Create a Kid friendly Space

Painting is a time consuming laborious process. Kids also frequently change their tastes. Instead, ask the child to select a theme or a color they love and work together to find and create accents that will allow your child’s personality to shine through. Work with your child to create activity zones in their bedrooms. If your child loves to read, provide a comfortable chair and a good reading light. If your child likes to dress-up, create a place to keep all the clothing and props tidy and easily accessible. If your child loves Lego, designate an area for building and an area for storage. They key is to create a space that allows for easy storage, access and cleanup.

4. Get creative!

In this process, you can find many opportunities to get creative and bond with your child.

At every age level, kids can get involved and be an active creator in designing a space they will be excited to call their own. All children will want to be involved in the important decisions such as layout, color, and adding personality. Younger children can help in all aspects of putting the room together as well as making arts and crafts in their chosen colors for decoration. Older children can do all of the above, but you could also give them a budget to work with to buy a few new things for their bedroom. See how creative they can get with their money. Shop in unconventional places (craft stores, thrift stores, online) and try to use items in new and creative ways.


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