48 Best Diy Wall Calendar Projects Ideas That You Want To Have It

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Every business person knows that keeping a customer can be a challenge. A great way to show gratitude for their business and help your business grow is to give a wall calendar as a gift. Since many large corporations have a $50 and under price for any gifts that employees receive, a wall calendar fits the bill perfectly.

Benefits of Using a Wall Calendar
A wall calendar is a great visual way to project your company’s image. Because they are conspicuous, they can serve to remind all who see it about some important events, appointments, or dates that shouldn’t be missed.

Typically, the images are related to one another (themed), such as different kinds of animals; pictures of nature, such as mountains, trees, flowers, medicinal plants, people; or famous events and holidays around the globe.

Size of a Wall Calendar
It may be as small as six inches by six inches but the most common size is 12 inches by 12 inches (US) or something close to 305 mm by 305 mm (international size). Other sizes, especially the customized ones, are available per request.


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