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Choosing bedroom furniture for your kids is a fun yet challenging endeavour. You need to make sure furniture for your child’s bedroom is fun, functional, and safe. Here are a few tips on choosing the right bedroom furniture for kids of different ages.

Bedrooms for Toddlers

Once your child starts crawling or toddling around, you need to be even more vigilant about their safety. Toddlers tend to be curious and active. They risk bumping into things and knocking them over at this age, or touching things they aren’t supposed to. Bedroom furniture and decorations for toddlers should be simple, clean, and safe. Avoid using furniture or decor with sharp edges, and don’t place anything heavy on top of surfaces. Make sure all the furniture in the room is sturdy and won’t topple easily. Toddlers often use furniture or anything else they can reach as support for when they want to stand up, and you don’t want whatever it is they’re holding onto to fall on them. Your flooring should have soft wall to wall carpeting or slip-proof rugs to cushion your kids if they trip and fall.

Bedrooms for Pre-Schoolers

Like toddlers, pre-schoolers are naturally curious, so the same safety precautions apply. Pre-schoolers have a more developed sense of taste than toddlers have, but don’t overdo it with decorations featuring their favourite cartoon characters. Tastes tend to change rapidly at this age, and they may not love the character next month as much as they do today. Don’t forget to have accessible toy storage in your pre-schooler’s bedroom. This way they can easily take out their toys if they want to play, and put them back when they finish.

Bedrooms for Grade Schoolers

At age six to eight, children start having preferences for what they want to see in their own bedrooms. Allowing them to voice out their preferences for the kids’ beds and furniture helps them develop a sense of style and independence. You still need to set limitations and let them know which of their requests is actually feasible.


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