45 Elegant Spring Garden Design Ideas To Create Your Home More Stylish

Use this handy spring garden guide to get started. Now that spring is officially (on the calendar, at least), it’s time to think about how to turn your garden from ordinary to extraordinary. Early spring is the best time of year to change your garden design. Grass growth is heavy in the early spring garden, so edge your flower beds with a sharp trench between them and the grass to keep it in bounds.

When choosing bulbs or vegetables for a spring garden, consider both when they need to be planted as well as when you want them to appear. If you have unplanted areas in your garden a great spring project is to lay out landscape cloth on that unplanted area. Take a good look at your garden now and think about areas you need to fill in. If your space is limited you can always use different sized containers to plant various different vegetables or flowers, these are particularly effective in an urban setting, especially in a courtyard or on a patio. By using varying sizes and shapes of containers and mixing various textures and colours together, you can create stunning effects without having to have a large amount of space.

Here are some tips for the perfect container vegetable garden. By following these simple vegetable gardening tips, your no dig garden will be off to a flying start. Different plants have different requirements so take that into consideration when doing your vegetable garden planning.

If you order plants and vegetable seeds from a reputable supplier they usually ship at the proper time for planting in your gardening zone. When you are ready to plant your bulbs or vegetables follow the directions carefully for the depth and spacing requirements and be certain to loosen the soil beneath the depth of planting. Once the initial preparing and planting are finished, you can sit back and relax, letting your sprinklers do the rest of the work.


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