48 Awesome Easter Home Apartment Decoration Ideas To Try Today

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Easter is a celebration of fun, laughter and togetherness. It reminds the world of a new beginning. The day when Jesus Christ erupted from the dome. Easter egg decoration is an age-old practice followed in many countries of Christianity. An egg is a symbol of resurrection. It marks the beginning of a new life. It also is a symbol of fertility. It emphasizes on the emerging of new entity giving space for love, joy and happiness. Easter is a celebration of happiness since it is the day that Christ came back to us. To add splendor to the occasion, many traditional fun games are carried out to amuse the kids. In fact, even elders enjoy the event. It gives you the essence of togetherness and keeps you filled with enthusiasm.

Let’s glance on the history of Easter egg decoration. In olden days, eggs were once given as gifts in times of celebrations. The reason being that the egg had a fascinating capacity of beginning a new life, which was seen as a miracle, then. This practice stepped into Christianity and now it has taken the form of enjoyment during Easter. From 6 to 60, everyone participate in this celebration without any barrier, as it gives utmost joy to everyone involved in it.

There are varieties of Easter egg decoration ideas available in market. It is also important to have as much as creativity one can show in the decoration. There are varieties of artificial and natural dyes available to color the eggs. Apart from dyes to coloring them, there are also many articles and accessories available to decorate the eggs. Beads, color papers, glitters, etc are available which adds beauty to the decoration. There are a variety of methods to dye an Easter eggs.

  • Natural dying.
  • Food colored eggs.
  • Sponge colored eggs.
  • Crape paper eggs.
  • Dip n dye eggs.


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