40+ Elegant Diy Reclaimed Wood Accent Design Ideas For Wall That You Need To Try

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A well built wood retaining wall can add to any landscape, providing both visual beauty and a high degree of safety to any sloped property. When put together correctly a retaining wall built out of landscape timbers provides as much stability as any rock or concrete block wall, with the added good looks that only wood provides. The other nice thing is the functionality that wood provides, allowing for any number of designs that can be customized for each individual landscape.

A wood retaining wall is just as durable and functional as any stone, or block wall as well as being a safe and effective way to add a dynamic feature to your landscape. Wood adds a certain luster to any landscaping project and is a great material to utilize in the yard.

It is important to properly lay out and design any retaining wall, and one made out of wood is no different. A small wall is easy for the weekend do-it-yourselfer but for a large wall that is required to hold back a large sloping area it is best to go with a professional landscape service that has experience with large and intricate retaining wall construction. This is particularly true of a terraced wall that may have stairs built into it.

Some people may question the strength of a wood retaining wall but because of the way they are built they are exceptionally strong and are able to hold back large amounts of dirt with little problem. In fact the bigger and more complex the wall the stronger it usually is. This is because each section of wall is tied together, creating a large interconnected frame work. This creates a very heavy wall that is impervious to just about anything.

If you are a homeowner with a sloping landscape then a wood retaining wall can be a great way to add a visual element to your landscape that will also add value to your whole property. When it comes to retaining walls there are many choices and wood should always be a first consideration.

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