40+ Latest Bedroom Decoration Ideas That Suitable For Your Kids

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Home decorating can be a lot of fun, regardless of the room you’re working on. If you’re looking to decorate a room for children, that can be almost as fun as decorating you own room – unless, of course, the child is already overbearing in his/her opinions and feels the need to make all the choices over his/her possessions despite the fact that he/she contributes absolutely nothing financially. But here I digress.

One of the most important things to consider in shopping for bedroom furniture for your kids is safety. You want materials that are durable and well crafted so the stuff sticks around for Kid 2 (and god forbid, Kid 3). Find bedroom furniture that is crafted of hardwood solids, such as maple, oak, or cherry. Also be sure to examine the joints of the furniture. You want to make sure the manufacturer used proper joints. This is always important, but especially with kids’ furniture. Sometimes cheap furniture works with adults, but it never lasts with kids. If the whole bed is held together with staples and glue, you know it won’t last a day longer than that kid’s crawling. They’re small, but they’re mighty – they jump on furniture and break things before they’re even mobile. So unless you want to buy new bedroom furniture every fifteen minutes, you better shell out for the good stuff.

More often than not, the kids’ room is a smaller room. And if Kid 2 comes around before you have a place to put him, you’re going to find that little room squeezed for space. So when it comes to bedroom furniture for children, try to find pieces that save space. One way to save space is the bunk. Even if you only have one kid, you can put him on a bunk, and then put a little bookshelf or dresser underneath it to save space. Another way to save space is by choosing furniture that serves a double function: a toy chest/chair, a trundle bed, an armoire/bar, etc. You need to think practically. You also need to think ahead, which takes me to another point: wall colors.

Remember back in the olden days, when people didn’t know what they were getting with a baby and so they didn’t want to do the room pink or blue? Well, we know now what the kid will look like, but really, do we know what we’re getting at the end of the day? No, we sure don’t. So one lasting piece of advice: keep the walls neutral. Kids grow up so fast and go through so many different phases, and you really don’t want to be catering to his/her every color whim. The colors and bedroom furniture can be neutral. That’s guaranteed to last and not present an issue. All other d├ęcor comes and goes with each rising Hollywood child star’s inevitable fade into vice and deprivation. So for now it’s white walls with a Hannah Montana poster, and tomorrow it’s white walls with someone else on a poster.

Eventually they’ll be teenagers and they’ll want none of this stuff, but they’ll demand you buy them new bedroom furniture and they’ll paint their walls whatever color they want even if you tell them not to. That’s the joy of parenthood. Enjoy decorating while they’re still too young to verbalize an opinion.

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