40+ Top Summer Decorating Ideas For Every Room In Your Home

Decorating for summer is fun and exciting. There are so many wonderful ideas just waiting to be discovered and put to use that you will have fun just looking over your options. Normally summer decorating is associated with light pastel colors to give a warm relaxing feeling to your home. Therefore, you need to brighten up your residence by using whites, ivory’s and other light shades of color.

There are several ways you can choose to do this. If you are searching for simple easy ways to brighten up your home with summer decorations, you can start by using light colored slipcovers to brighten up your furniture. These provide the added protection to your couch and chairs that you may need during the summer months and it is an easy way to brighten up furnishings. You can also exchange your dark winter throw pillows with light pastel ones or floral designs.

If you use a dark wood dinning table you can consider brightening it up for summer by using a light color table cloth. Use white or ivory table runners and scarves for end tables and coffee tables to add a splash of summer to them. Using candles and other accessories will add a touch of warmth to help you achieve the look you are after. Flowers can do wonders for the look of your home and hanging plants make it feel more like summer.

Consider doing some spring cleaning to help eliminate any winter clutter that has collected. Most people collect things without even realizing it and before long the home becomes filled with a lot of unnecessary items that can begin to make it look a little dreary. Get rid of things that you no longer have a use for and open up your rooms. This will provide a relaxing summer atmosphere to your home.

If you are searching for a more dramatic way to brighten up your home with summer decorations, then consider painting your walls a fresh pastel color. This can change the whole appearance of a room. New flooring can also be a dramatic change, especially if you go from a dark colored floor to something bright. You can use carpet, tile or even a brighter shade of hard wood flooring to make this change.

When it comes to drapes many people choose to have two different sets. One for the winter months and a lighter set with brighter colors for the summer. If this is not an option for you, then just remember to open up the curtains when you can and let the sun shine in your home to brighten everything up. This gives a warm comfortable feeling to your home making it as relaxing as the summer breeze.

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