20+ Best Peel And Stick Wood Wall Design Ideas To Try Asap

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Did you ever go to someone's house and could not find the light switch to turn it off or on? Are you looking for that perfect unique gift that does not cost an arm or a leg? Do you know someone who is a collector or are you a collector? Are you remolding or moving into a new home? What do all these questions have in common you ask? It happens to be a Unitarian devise that can re-engineer your entire room, the wall switch plate.

The main purpose of the wall switch plate is to help keep you safe and out of harms way. It secures and houses all the wires behind it so that you do not come in contact with the wires and get an electrical shock. Fortunately for us it's not just for functional purposes any more. They help draw attention, create smiles and become the focal point of your room. They are no more an over looked object but have become an important decorative accessory.

Choosing switch plates is not as easy as one would think. You must consider before purchasing the color, finish, style, size and configuration. The very first thing you must do is to figure out how many you need. Make a list and please don't forget the switch plates that are behind furniture or around corners. You do not want to leave one out since you want it to coordinate with the rest of the room. Then determine what colors or patterns and finishes would best compliment your decor. If you are on a limited budget, select the fancy designs for the most visible areas while placing plain coordinating plates in less visible locations. Your personality can be affordably reflected throughout your home.

On your list you must also write down the many different configurations of your wall switches. Some examples of the different kinds of switches are as follows: Toggle, Decora/GFI, Duplex and Receptacle, Split cover, Push Button, Rocker and Function Plate. Make certain to write down if it is a single, double, or triple switch and if your design needs to be up or down or diagonal. Luckily, for the consumer, wall switch plates are available for standard and custom sizes. There are also companies that make what is called socket toppers. You just peel and stick right over your old receptacles.
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