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Creative Scandinavian Dining Room Design Ideas That Inspire You 38

47 Creative Scandinavian Dining Room Design Ideas That Inspire You

Now it is easy to dine in style with traditional Swedish dining chairs. Entertain friends as well as show off your wonderful Swedish home furniture. This short article includes a number of quick suggestions to look for when scouting for the seating for your dining area in your house.

Swedish furniture pieces of the Gustavian style is similar to the period’s solemnity featuring its demure colours and paled hues. This color scheme lures in light and softens dim gloomy rooms. This clean and usually Swedish style complements dark, wood floors, natural textiles and vintage woodworks.

The simplest way to have that vintage look would be to select chairs with curved timber legs and backs. Legs on case goods are vulnerable and tapered on the floor. Timber isn’t only employed in dining area furnishings in Sweden. It’s very frequently made use of in bedroom accessories as well, with large fashionable headboards adding an atmosphore of normal elegence to numerous swedish beds.

Even with more contemporary Swedish furniture, wood continues to be prominently used although frequently in lighter shades. That doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to come across Swedish furnishings that make usage of more contemporary supplies such as plastics and metal.. These kinds of furniture pieces provide a classic feel of Swedish design along with contemporary twist.


Unique Dog House Design Ideas That Located In Under Stairs 36

47 Unique Dog House Design Ideas That Located In Under Stairs

Dog Homes Made with Wood Offer Great Insulation and Durability

Wooden dog houses are amongst the most common and the most popular types of outdoor dog houses. Wood will always have that charming, rustic look, but it’s also one of the best insulators when it comes to pet dwellings. Wooden dog structures, with proper care, are very durable and can last many years. You may not find the same variety of “shapes” in the wooden varieties that you find with plastic houses, but that doesn’t mean you are limited to the classic, snoopy style dog house. You will find some attractive and innovative designs in this category. For instance, there are Mansion dog houses that come complete with patios and lattice fencing. Log dog homes have their own front porch. Two story dog dwellings come with a rooftop patio for the pooch who likes to be able to see what’s going on around them and relax in the sun. And, if you need housing for multiple dogs, the duplex styles are a popular choice as this allows your pets to have their own separate rooms within the same house. Of course, one of the main downsides to wooden homes is that they do take some work to set up. Detailed instructions are usually included as part of the packaging or you can find instructional videos online, but if you’re not the type of person who enjoys the “some assembly required” part, you may want to go with a plastic style which are much easier to set up.

Plastic Housing – More Variety in Shapes, Better Portability and Easy Assembly

Plastic dog houses are another popular choice. These plastic houses come in fun shapes that aren’t available in the wooden varieties and they are generally very hardy and hold up well to the wear and tear of being outdoors. These plastic pet homes are generally very easy to set up, often requiring that a few pieces be clicked into place to get you up and running, which makes them a whole lot easier to move around. However, if you live in an area with extreme climates, you will want to make sure you choose a well insulated dog house, as unlike the wooden variety, not all plastic dog homes are created equal in this regard. Dogloos are igloo dog houses and these have some of the best insulation in this category of housing. The igloo shape and entry tunnel also provides extra protection from the wind, rain and elements. Plastic dog crates can be used as either indoor or outdoor dog homes or dwellings as well, although these are not insulated, so you will want to provide good dog bedding and a crate cover in cooler weather.

Portable or Fabric Dog Homes

If you are often on the go and need a place to keep your dog while out and about, you will want to look into a portable dog house. These structures resemble a dog crate or a dog tent. If you have a young dog or a chewer or digger, the plastic dog crate house may stand up better than the fabric varieties. A fabric or foldable dog tent or dog dwelling works well for the more mature dog. These portable structures are very lightweight and can be used to protect your dog in temporary outdoor situations, during vacations, camping trips, etc.

Other Styles of Dog Dwellings

There are some other lesser known types of outdoor dog houses, such as metal dog houses and dog boxes which are more of a specialty item. These are often used for hunting dogs and some can be placed in the back of a pickup truck. Barrel shaped dog homes are made using old wine barrels. This is a nice eco-friendly option, but is also said to resemble the type of “den” a dog would naturally live in if he were in the wild.


Stunning Furniture Tiny House Design Ideas For Simple Life 43

47 Stunning Furniture Tiny House Design Ideas For Simple Life

Have you had any thoughts for small space furniture for your tiny house, small apartment or studio? I’m sure you’ve searched the web for different ideas. If and when you get into this new adventure of tiny houses and small space living, you will find quite a few storage options or you can customize your own to fit your needs in order to maximize the new tiny space you will live in from now on.

In the meantime while I was writing this article, I ran into a little interruption… I have a teenage kitten named Coco and he decided to creep up into the attic through the A/C unit in the laundry room. He’s been up there for 4 days now, without food or water, and no matter how many times I’ve sweet talked him into coming down, I’ve had no luck!

Would you believe I even called the local Fire Department and 3 fire-fighters went up into the attic to help out with this situation, but they gave up saying “he’ll come down when he’s good and hungry”. So then, a little after they left, I went upstairs to the attic and sat down on the edge of the Attic stairway and started to sweet talk him again and after about 15 minutes, (I had turned myself into a kitty shrink) he voluntarily walked towards me and I grabbed him before he would decide to jump away. Has this ever happened to you?

Smart Small Space Furniture

Part #2 – Sofas

But getting into the real reason for this article, this past week I read for the first time articles by Architect, Sarah Susanka, FAIA, Acclaimed author of “The Not So Big House” series, “Home By Design” and “The Not So Big Life” where she transforms houses into dual purpose rooms and presents better solutions that fit our current lifestyles for that different kind of house you are dreaming of.


Cute River Rocks Design Ideas For Front Yard 41

43 Cute River Rocks Design Ideas For Front Yard

Landscaping river rock can become an important part of any backyard pond design. They provide functional character with distinct natural beauty. When starting to design a stunning landscape it will be necessary to carefully choose and plan the type of landscaping rocks you will use. When starting your landscaping design, it can be beneficial to be knowledgeable about the common terms used in landscaping circles. Two of the basic terms are hardscapes and softscapes. Hardscapes are defined as the non-living features that include items such as gazebos, stones, boulders and rocks. Softcapes refer to the live elements of the featured landscapes, such as shrubs, flowers, and vines. Landscaping rock is very durable and cannot be destroyed easily.

Landscaping stones are ideal to implement as pathways or retaining walls. They add a natural beauty when bordering a mini waterfall or a pond. Stones and rock will naturally make any landscape plan more interesting and visually pleasing. There are a wide variety of landscaping stones or rocks to select from. You just need to pick out the ones that will provide the desired effect.

Boulders are sometime called for, as they come in many different sizes. They are perfect for water features, like cascading waterfalls. Larger boulders work well for marking the entrance to a garden or even a driveway. Proper placement of boulders can produce a very dramatic effect to the landscape. Be certain that the boulders are strategically placed to attract visual attention. Flagstone is a perfect material for walkways, paths and patios.

Flagstone is very smooth and thin and is available in a variety of natural shades, shapes, and sizes. These stones are normally installed on top of a layer of sand. Adjust the flagstone to create a pleasing design. When landscaping drier locations, landscaping river rock might be the best choice because they help to conserve water. These natural beauties can also provide a decorative balance to the softscapes within the landscape. Granite is both beautiful and versatile. Granite can be chiseled and carved to create stunning patio furniture such as benches or tables. Granite is also used to create beautiful statuary and fountains. Use rocks and stones to their best advantage. Take your time and choose carefully. Use your imagination and make use of the stones functionality.When using rocks, stones, boulders and landscaping river rock it will be much easier to make your backyard pond designs shine with stunning natural beauty. Rock On!


Charming Living Room Design Ideas For Small Apartment 43

45 Charming Living Room Design Ideas For Small Apartment

Living in a studio apartment may limit you physically, but it doesn’t have to cramp your imagination. What you can or cannot do with your living room design is entirely in your hands. In fact, if you want to turn your living room into beach front property, that is entirely possible.

If you already have an aquarium, why not take advantage of that and turn it into a theme? A potted palm tree is surprisingly affordable and looks great inside. If you lay down a large section of artificial turf, the effect of the tree is enhanced ten-fold. A huge backdrop in the form of a beach painting will turn your studio apartment into a tropical hideaway. By the way, you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars at an art store for the painting. A search of the local thrift stores will usually turn up wonderful paintings, photos or prints for no more than twenty dollars. If you want to go all out on this beach theme, you may add a child’s tiny wading pool. Fill it a quarter-full with water and put play sand in the middle for a sandbar. Place a colorful pail of sand on top for an added touch.

One of the great things about living room design in a studio apartment is that if you can paint the apartment or wallpaper it in one day. If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors, why not go for the Stockholm look? Paint three of the walls and the ceiling eggshell white. Apply a seal brown, or taupe-pattern of wallpaper to the fourth wall. Add curtains with a design similar to that of the wallpaper. A circular straw matt in the middle of the floor, and set off by a large floor vase of dried flowers will complete the look. By the way, this is an excellent design to use with a room divider.

In most cases, simple elegance is what gives an apartment studio a feeling of both charm and space. You can paint your central room old lace, and lay down a white sheepskin throw rug. A small, stately dining room set works well. You don’t have to buy a Hans Wegner set. A simple, well-polished oak table with matching chairs works just fine, especially if you top it with tall, white candles. A clock with Roman numerals works great in this setting, as does a stand with wildflowers.


Comfy Diy Ideas For Upgrade Kitchen Outdoor To Try Asap 36

45 Comfy Diy Ideas For Upgrade Kitchen Outdoor To Try Asap

Outdoor kitchens can enhance the look and viability of your home, especially during those spring and summer months when you simply must cook outside. While these kitchen design plans are a little different from their indoor brethren, you should still turn to what works in your standard kitchen for ideas about what will work outside. In addition to this, it helps to survey your backyard. Do you have a concrete patio or a wooden deck? How much room is at your disposal? Where are your electrical outlets, and how protected will your outdoor creation be from the elements? A kitchen outdoors, depending on how much detail you go in to, can be very expensive, so you want to make sure that you’ve done everything you can to protect your valuables.

Once you have a good idea of the area where you want your design to come to life, it’s time for you to think about materials, costs, and functionality. Most do-it-yourself types prefer stainless steel because it is durable, goes with just about everything, and easy to clean up. These factors are of enormous importance to the individual, who sees past the present to future upkeep. It could be that the design plan you think you want today is simply too much trouble tomorrow. So think this decision through.

Most designs make use of two key shapes, or letters. The first is the U-shape kitchen, which allows you to use movement more efficiently with grills or stove tops on one side, cabinets on the other and a refrigerator and/or dishwasher in between. Surrounding yourself with everything you need gives you an easier time locating and putting cookware or ingredients to proper use. While you do not have to enclose your kitchen in walls-after all, it would be hard to call it outdoors then-you still want to consider building protections for electrical appliances.

Before breaking ground, it is recommended that you look at a number of different ideas from websites and magazines that specialize in DIY activities, especially as they relate to building kitchens. Make a list of your favorites and then see what is realistic for your living situation. Grab some graph paper and begin using it to blueprint the work ahead. Graphing paper allows you to be more precise with your measurements before you do any serious work on the concept. Once you have a design that you like, you can then start ordering materials and work on turning your outdoor kitchen design plans into a reality.


Cozy Hanging Wall Décor Ideas For Small Apartment 31

48 Cozy Hanging Wall Décor Ideas For Small Apartment

Those of us living in apartments or rental homes find severe limitations on what we can do to the walls. Do you love the look of gorgeous Raised Plaster Stenciling, murals or stenciled borders but know your landlord would pitch a fit? Here’s how you can have them then take them with you when you move!

Canvas is a perfect material on which to create vignettes of Raised Plaster Stenciling or your own hand painted designs. You’ve been dying to have them on your walls but haven’t been able to because of the restrictions in your rental agreement.

Art and craft stores sell artists canvas on the roll which allows you to purchase continuous lengths in the sizes you desire, but they also sell enormous pre-stretched canvases in super sizes which are perfect for large wall areas and easy to hang.

Simply lay it on the floor then do your design and allow it to dry. This is a great way to add faux finish designs to your wall without doing them directly on the wall.


Awesome Ladder Shelf Decor Ideas For Small Porch 39

46 Awesome Ladder Shelf Decor Ideas For Small Porch

Most people who have just moved into a new house or apartment struggle to decide on how they are going to decorate and organize their belongings. Some may spend weeks or even months picking out furniture or getting things put into the right place in a way that suits their personal taste; do you go for a cozy lived in feel or a sleek modern look? Sometimes it’s better to just forget about following the latest trends and go for neat and functional. One great space saver that uses the vertical wall space in your home are shelves, these simple pieces of furniture will have your house looking clean and organized in no time. Whether you want to store books, CD’s, potted plants or records, there will be a style of shelf to fit your homes decor. Step shelves, leaning shelves, standard wall shelves all of these are options and will give each room a particular character, though if you’re having a tough time deciding on which to buy why not go for the currently popular ladder shelves.

Nowadays ladder shelves have become a hot item in most homes around the world, they have a friendly homely feel and come in a variety of unique shapes and sizes. For those of you that have never come across ladder shelves before, then imagine an A-shaped step ladder with platforms going along each pair of rungs. When placed against the wall it gives the room an interesting dimension, because the top shelf is small and each lower level gradually gets longer forming a step shape that comes out of the wall. Even if you are the most uncreative person in the world, this setup will give your room an interesting edge and force you to think about how you’re going to decorate the shelf, what will you put on the different sized platforms?

The ladder shelves are a great addition to any modern interior and will definitely give your living space a more dynamic appeal. Most people like the idea of these shelves, because besides being creative, they are very reasonably priced. If you do a quick online search for ‘ladder shelves’ you’ll realize that the lowest price item is just $50. Though if you’re looking for a more up market variety, then there are shelves costing as much as $800 from certain brands.

Ladder shelves come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and colors. The most common types are made from good quality hard woods, which will be coated with a specific finish. There are also ladder shelves made from other materials, such as bamboo or even metal for extra durability. An example of a unique shelf is the ‘Shanxi Shelf’; this oriental styled product is made from a strong hammered metal in a black finish hide metal shine. The upside to having a metal shelf is that it can withstand more weight and will last longer than a wooden shelf; this is especially true if you live in a humid climate.