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Best Kids Room Design Ideas That Looks So Awesome 34

45 Best Kids Room Design Ideas That Looks So Awesome

Each and every room of your home is undoubtedly very important and needs special care and attention in its decoration. But when it comes to your kids room then you need to be extra cautious as your kids bedroom design should go well with the likes and dislikes of your child. While decorating your kids bedroom due consideration should be given to all aspect like bedding, wall color, decor and other.

The kids room design should inspire creativity and for this imagination plays a major role. An interesting theme will help you to make your child’s room attractive and colorful. You can select upon the theme as per the likings of your kid. The theme will further help you to decide upon the wall decor and accessories used in the room. The wall paint color also plays a major role in the decoration of your kids room.

Use bright and interesting colors in your kids bedroom as it will make the atmosphere lively and cozy. There is large number of kids room wall paint ideas which you can incorporate. You can paint the room with various pictures of plants, animals, flowers and other objects.

Painting the room with quotes and poem is also a good idea. You can also paint the room with blue sky, rainbows and birds which will not only look attractive but will also give a soothing feeling. Designing the room with solar system and planets is also a good colorful kids bedroom idea. Thus you can go for the variety of other paint bedroom ideas which will make the room interesting and will also enhance the creativity of your child. Besides wall decor and paint the furniture and accessories also plays a major role while designing your kids bedroom. The furniture should go well with the overall design and should be conductive for both play and organization. Safety features should also be given due consideration. So just do a brainstorming session and make your kids bedroom interesting and colorful.


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45 Charming Minion Bedding Sets Design Ideas That You Can Buy Right Now

Choosing bedroom furniture for your kids is a fun yet challenging endeavour. You need to make sure furniture for your child’s bedroom is fun, functional, and safe. Here are a few tips on choosing the right bedroom furniture for kids of different ages.

Bedrooms for Toddlers

Once your child starts crawling or toddling around, you need to be even more vigilant about their safety. Toddlers tend to be curious and active. They risk bumping into things and knocking them over at this age, or touching things they aren’t supposed to. Bedroom furniture and decorations for toddlers should be simple, clean, and safe. Avoid using furniture or decor with sharp edges, and don’t place anything heavy on top of surfaces. Make sure all the furniture in the room is sturdy and won’t topple easily. Toddlers often use furniture or anything else they can reach as support for when they want to stand up, and you don’t want whatever it is they’re holding onto to fall on them. Your flooring should have soft wall to wall carpeting or slip-proof rugs to cushion your kids if they trip and fall.

Bedrooms for Pre-Schoolers

Like toddlers, pre-schoolers are naturally curious, so the same safety precautions apply. Pre-schoolers have a more developed sense of taste than toddlers have, but don’t overdo it with decorations featuring their favourite cartoon characters. Tastes tend to change rapidly at this age, and they may not love the character next month as much as they do today. Don’t forget to have accessible toy storage in your pre-schooler’s bedroom. This way they can easily take out their toys if they want to play, and put them back when they finish.

Bedrooms for Grade Schoolers

At age six to eight, children start having preferences for what they want to see in their own bedrooms. Allowing them to voice out their preferences for the kids’ beds and furniture helps them develop a sense of style and independence. You still need to set limitations and let them know which of their requests is actually feasible.


Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas With Lego Themes 38

47 Awesome Kids Bedroom Design Ideas With Lego Themes

Simple Steps to creating a creative kids bedroom:

1. Have your Kids take ownership of their space.

Kids will take pride and care of a space that they have put time and energy into. It is important for kids to have space to develop their own tastes and interests. This is especially vital for kids who have to share a room.

2. Have a planning pow-wow

Get your child excited about their bedroom makeover or transformation. Ask your child to visualize their new space, and what they would like in their bedrooms. Consider the colors your child likes, the activities your child likes to do, and what their favorite things/themes are. Also, consider your child’s habits. Some children are messy and need to be taught how to tidy up after themselves, which is easier if they have a space they are proud of. Some are visual and they need to have everything in view. While this can appear a mess, ask your child to find something specific: chances are they will know exactly where it is. If your child is a visual organizer (and most are), you need to devise a different plan for storage and organization. Some children respond to color-coding and some find it easier if there are different areas devoted solely to one activity. Talk to your child and experiment to find a system that works for both of you.

3. Create a Kid friendly Space

Painting is a time consuming laborious process. Kids also frequently change their tastes. Instead, ask the child to select a theme or a color they love and work together to find and create accents that will allow your child’s personality to shine through. Work with your child to create activity zones in their bedrooms. If your child loves to read, provide a comfortable chair and a good reading light. If your child likes to dress-up, create a place to keep all the clothing and props tidy and easily accessible. If your child loves Lego, designate an area for building and an area for storage. They key is to create a space that allows for easy storage, access and cleanup.

4. Get creative!

In this process, you can find many opportunities to get creative and bond with your child.

At every age level, kids can get involved and be an active creator in designing a space they will be excited to call their own. All children will want to be involved in the important decisions such as layout, color, and adding personality. Younger children can help in all aspects of putting the room together as well as making arts and crafts in their chosen colors for decoration. Older children can do all of the above, but you could also give them a budget to work with to buy a few new things for their bedroom. See how creative they can get with their money. Shop in unconventional places (craft stores, thrift stores, online) and try to use items in new and creative ways.


Stunning Dog Bed Design Ideas To Try Right Now 30

45 Stunning Dog Bed Design Ideas To Try Right Now

When searching for the best pet beds for Fido or Patches, you will want to
consider durable materials for outdoor use, and washable fibers for indoor use. Most pet enthusiasts know that dog beds can get very dirty and smelly, especially in the hotter summer months. To avoid your designer dog beds from turning into curbside refuse, make sure that you make a wise pet bed purchase decision based on the size, breed, and health conditions of your pet.

For example, if your pet
suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis, you might want to get a heated pet bed that
will keep your animals’ bones warm while they sleep. Cold bedding can lead to stiff
muscles and joints, causing further aches to your dog or cat that is already

If you prefer designer dog beds, to give your pet its own special flair, you can
purchase beds that are bejeweled or even have your pet’s name stitched into the
fabric. The best kinds of pet beds are washable and durable, because as a pet
owner you are probably very familiar with pet odors and hair shedding. Be sure to
look for bedding that comes with washable covers or made with microfiber material
that will keep dirt and soil from being imbedded into your dog’s pillow. An animal
that has a soft and warm place to sleep at night will love you as a best friend
forever, not to mention will keep your dog or cat from taking up your side of the
bed at night!

If you live in a warmer climate with hot summer months, your pet might enjoy a
durable aluminum framed pet bed that is similar to a camping cot. These beds are
low to the ground but raised just enough to circulate air from beneath to keep your
pet cool. You can also add a throw blanket on top of the bed to create a cozy place
for your pet to snuggle. These types of beds are lightweight and perfect to keep
your pet’s odor from becoming absorbed into your carpets. Animals that have
arthritis will also enjoy new memory foam pet beds that will adjust to their weight
and give them the comfort that they deserve as they sleep. With such a variety of
bed bedding options available, you will surely bring happiness to your dog or cat by
giving them their own place to sleep.


Stunning Kids Room Design Ideas That Is Difficult To Choose 43

45 Stunning Kids Room Design Ideas That Is Difficult To Choose

Decorating kids’ rooms presents a unique set of challenges and privileges. On one hand decorating youthful rooms can allow the freedom of not having to conform to the more adult themes or feeling the need to limit how far we take a design or theme. Kids’ rooms can go over the top with whimsical touches, paint colors, accent pieces, and overly matching items. The choices are limitless when it comes to decorating kids spaces.

The challenge comes in the fact that kids grow up quickly and what is appropriate for a two year old’s room doesn’t often translate to a fantastic five year old room. What works for a ten year old probably won’t be still workable for a fifteen year old high schooler. It is important to keep in mind these transitions when planning and decorating a room for a child.

One thing to keep in mind in decorating youth rooms is the amount of ‘stuff’ that kids tend to accumulate. Small toys, clothing, books, drawings, trading cards, etc. all find their way into most kids’ rooms. Design areas for these items to be stored will save you the hassle of having a constantly cluttered kids’ room. Designing storage units, toy chests, book shelves, coat racks and other storage units will not only provide visual interest to your child’s room but will prove very functional as well. In determining what sort of storage you will be utilizing, keep in mind that your child is growing. Choosing an overly personalize, overly youthful looking storage will necessitate replacing it when your child out grows the design look. If you do not wish to be replacing toy chests, book shelves, and other storage consider purchasing classic looking furniture that will blend in with whatever decorations come and go as your child grows up.

Your child’s likes are a good place to start when deciding on a decorating theme. You can use their hobbies, interests or even favorite color as a basis for the decorations in their room. Keep in mind that the more personalized and over the top themed the more exciting and fun the bedroom will be. The down side is that the more personalized and over the top the room is, the more likely it is that when your child outgrows whatever that particular like was the more they are going to wish for an immediate change in decoration.


Delightful Wooden Accent Wall Design Ideas For Modern Bedroom 40

45 Delightful Wooden Accent Wall Design Ideas For Modern Bedroom

Bedroom Design Ideas – Introduction

The bedroom is arguably the most overlooked internal living space in many peoples homes. Our busy lives and work schedules mean it’s often difficult to meet new people who can advise us on interiors. And this often relegates this important sanctuary into an afterthought in the home design arena, with the kitchen taking a far weightier slice of our design pie. This article is a quick guide to help you effortlessly transform your bedroom quickly with a selection of tips and hints that provide the perfect formula to achieving the perfect retreat. Our bedrooms shouldn’t just be a place where we retire at the end of the evening. It should be an inviting reflection of our personality which makes dozing off for several hours at a time an absolute pleasure. It should never simply exist as a purely functional environment and we should delight in exploiting it’s full potential to calm, relax and inspire us on our journey to the land of nod.

My top tips to create a beautiful Bedroom Design

1. Window Dressing: The window in a room is a vital frame of the outside world. As such it requires some thought as to how to adequately dress it. By this I mean curtain fabrics. If you have a small window it is very easy to create an illusion of grandeur by adding long curtains that sweep right down to the floor. By adding a pelmet swag above you can easily make your bedroom fit for a King, or Queen!.

3. Fire Place Unquestionably a fireplace will add drama and statement to any living space and the bedroom is no exception. People often think that Fireplace = Chimney. This is no longer the case as I’m about to explain! Recently i was unable to add a chimney flu in my bedroom so I was forced to explore alternative options. There was no way I wasn’t going to have my fireplace focal point!! I discovered Bioethanol fires that require no chimney or additional ventilation. They simply burn alcohol. I bought a white wooden surround and fixed it to my wall, I then added a large piece of slate for the hearth (simply placed this onto the carpet), I then bought a cast iron fire grate from an antique shop and positioned on the centre of the slate. All you then do is add a bioethanol fire insert and perhaps cover it with some ceramic non flammable logs and fill it up. Hey presto you have a working fire in your bedroom!!

4. Accent Wall Accent walls have almost become a little cliched, but there is a reason for a cliche! A well considered accent wall will compliment any room scheme. For a classical elegant look why not try a champagne cream and gold fleur de lis style wallpaper?


Popular Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas That You Must Try 39

41 Popular Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas That You Must Try

Bedroom furniture designs can really add a cozy element to your space. Even if you live in an apartment or condo you can get the feeling of an old farmhouse. This can be quite an easy way to blend the masculine and feminine spaces together. It’s going to use very heavy silhouettes with lighter finishes. You can just get a can of cream paint and a little bit of glaze to really create this yourself.

It’s very important to start out with substantial pieces. This should have more of a traditional kind of design style. It can even be in a Queen Anne design style if you want more of an elegant look. However, then you’re going to need to give it a really distressed finish. You can do this by layering on a lot of different paint colors. You can try dry brushing on paint. You could also complete your paint finish with a glaze over this.

Since the furniture is quite oversized it’s important to only have functional pieces in the room. This is going to ensure that your room doesn’t feel cluttered. When working with a farmhouse kind of design style you really want your furnishings to blend in with the rest of your room colors. This is really going to ensure that you get a light and airy feeling that still has a little bit of substance to it.

A way to do this is just to go with neutral colors on your walls. This can also make your room feel bigger than it actually is. Then the silhouettes of the pieces are really going to come into play because the colors won’t be noticeable but you are going to notice the interesting shapes. This shouldn’t be the exact same color. It should really be off by one or two shades. You can even use the same paint strip to find coordinating colors.


Stunning Bunk Bed Design Ideas That Will Be Solutions For Your Small Kids Bedroom 41

46 Stunning Bunk Bed Design Ideas That Will Be Solutions For Your Small Kids Bedroom

Bunk beds really are a seriously popular addition used for little ones bedrooms at the moment. They are not exactly a new invention – far from it, nevertheless they have moved on a lot in terms of design and are once more incredibly popular. Bunks for the kids can be split up into several major types or styles, why don’t we take a look.

The earlier standard sort of bunk is referred to as a twin over twin. When most people think of these beds they will visualize the idea of 2 single beds, 1 straight above the other, made from solid wood and / or metal. This old favorite type remains incredibly common nowadays although there are plenty of modern twists to that basic design and style. One case in point is to have a double mattress at the base which has a single bunk above establishing sleeping space for up to three kids. The actual bunks may well be tiered or perhaps run at right angles to each other. Lots of different versions can be purchased nowadays; you will be amazed at some of the different configurations around.

Yet another kind of bed is frequently termed as a loft bed. Here there is only one top bunk and directly below you have a space that you can use for various functions. Most commonly this extra space down below can be used for a study space having a work desk and a chair – great for homework! Another idea for use will be to make storage space or just enough room to get an easy chair as a place to relax — ideal for a young adult within a cramped room. In this case the bedroom would be only for one individual and by fitting a loft bed it is possible to make a more valuable room space. Space is often the primary reason for fitting any type of bunks in a bedroom.

Your third sort of bunk bed may be referred to as the fantasy bed. You have surly seen the type… which is designed to look like a fort, vehicle, a pirate ship or even a fairy queen castle. These bunks can be absolutely amazing and kids love them. All these fantasy type beds are great fun pieces that can definitely seize your imagination but they can also be extremely expensive. The fun element is definitely this type of beds appeal.


Comfy Bedroom Design Ideas That Suitable For Relaxation Today 45

48 Comfy Bedroom Design Ideas That Suitable For Relaxation Today

Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Below are three bedroom ideas in three types of design that will definitely accentuate masculinity:

Traditional Bedroom Design

The first design is traditional bedroom style. To implement this design, select heavy pieces of furniture that seems aged. It is best to pick a sleek design with minimal carvings. For the bed, select ones with a high headboard so it looks prominent. The bedding materials used in traditional design should be made from typical menswear fabrics like wool and flannel. To accentuate this style of design, the bedroom windows should be covered with drapes made from heavy material like chenille or velvet. As for the lighting, it should create a warm and soft impression by using dark colored lamp shades. Should you choose to display any artwork in the bedroom, it should be in classical style. The best types of paintings to display in traditional bedroom design are landscape and portraits. Finally, a plush oriental rug would complete the traditional look in the room.

Rustic Bedroom Design Ideas for Men

Another design of the bedroom that give prominence to masculinity is a rustic style. In this design, the bedroom will mainly contain items made from wood. Therefore, the room can be decorated to resemble a luxurious ski lodge or a cabin in the woods. In rustic style, the furniture should be made from material with a strong natural characteristic, like oak, pine or hickory. Choose a heavy but simple piece of furniture. Select a bed with a slated headboard. In terms of bedding materials, you may choose from various materials like cotton, denim, flannel, wool or knit. Rustic style bedroom should also remain simple with color patterns that comprised of shades of blue, green, brown, khaki and beige. The natural elements should be maintained for the window blinds. Therefore, select wooden blinds with color that match the furnishings. To create a synergy amongst the bedroom elements, the lighting should also be made from natural elements like wood or iron. It is best if you choose an artwork that displays nature scenes. To complete the rustic look, a geometrical Persian rug would be a perfect choice.

Metro Bedroom Style

The final bedroom design idea that we would suggest is metro style. The highlight in this design is its clean, modern and sleek look. If this is the style you choose then you will want low profile furniture without any ornaments. The best is to choose dark color furniture like espresso or black. Platform beds are the best option that fits with this design. The color patterns for this design are black, gray and white. For bedding material, it is best to use white linen. Choose lighting made from glossy materials like porcelain or glass; alternatively you can also select lighting made from bright metals like nickel or chrome. As for the artwork, you may want to choose an abstract painting or glass statue. To complete the metro style in your bedroom design, throw thick shag on the floor.


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47 Brilliant Kids Play Room Design Ideas On A Budget

Creating a great and exciting playroom for your child can be a lot of fun but there are a few things to keep in mind as you get started. Most parents begin the project with a few ideas they know they’d like to see in a playroom. Most often, the number one wish of parents is to create a space where they can contain and store the majority of their children’s toys. Storage solutions take on many forms in a children’s playroom. For example, a room can contain anything from built-in cabinets to decorative shelving to toy boxes. You can even add an extremely cool kids locker for storing anything from jackets and hats to shoes or sports equipment. While confining clutter to one room may be the primary objective for parents in creating a playroom, the number one objective for children when it comes to their playroom is a enjoying a great play space. Creating that perfect play space can be a challenge but there are a few simple tips to keep in mind to create the best possible play area for your children.

• The first thing to keep in mind is no overcrowding. It can be very tempting to put way too many toys into a playroom but the more toys, the more overwhelming the space can be to a child. In this case, minimal is often best. If you have a large number of toys for your child to play with, or there are toys you do not wish to give away or throw out, consider rotating different toys in and out of the playroom every few weeks. This adds variety without overstimulating your child.

• The second thing to keep in mind is to tailor the room to the interests of your child. If your child is into football, consider creating a sports theme with wall art and accessories. If your child loves animals consider purchasing accessories and toys with this theme. Some of your child’s favorite hobbies can be spotlighted, giving the child a special place to enjoy.

• The third thing to keep in mind is to create activity specific areas. Have a corner containing an art easel and paint or a reading area with a bookcase, rugs and throw pillows. Consider incorporating toys that encourage pretend play, such as a puppet theater, a play kitchen or a tent. Children thrive on routine and knowing what to expect in their play space and where to expect it will provide nice structure to their play time. Make sure to leave plenty of open floor space for working puzzles or racing cars.