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Adorable Winter Tree Decorations Ideas That Suitable For You 41

45 Adorable Winter Tree Decorations Ideas That Suitable For You

Perhaps one of the best parts of Christmas is choosing a beautiful tree, stringing lights on it and then decorating it with ornaments and ribbon. Some families have a traditional way they decorate their tree, while others like to play around a little and change it up each year. There are many different ways to decorate a tree, as you can plainly see by viewing the many artificial tree setups at department stores this time of year.

While there are unlimited choices as far as adornments and color choices, there seems to be a few popular themes that people choose when decorating their tree. Some of the widely used decorating themes are detailed below.

The Homemade Tree – People who decorate in the homemade fashion would likely consider it a “traditional” tree, but only because it is tradition for them. Trees that are decorated primarily with homemade items include ornaments that have been passed down through the years, ones that the children made or that were gifts from special people. There is also likely to be a string of popcorn mixed with dried cranberries, or gobs of tinsel put on by child’s hands. These trees are sentimental and therefore, become a strong tradition.

The Traditional Tree – This tree is not named for the tradition of creating it each year, but for the traditional colors that adorn it. Decorated with clear or multi-colored lights, the tree is often covered in green, red and white ornament balls. Shiny or matte, these little globes are available in all sizes and material, from plastic, glass or metal. Ribbons in red or silver can swirl around the tree and be used to make a bow for the top, in place of a star or angel topping.


Romantic Teenage Girl Birthday Party Design Ideas That Have A Best Theme 46

47 Romantic Teenage Girl Birthday Party Design Ideas That Have A Best Theme

If you have ever planned a birthday party, then you probably know, depending upon your personal circumstances, that it can be difficult to come up with a way to make it a great birthday for the honoree. However, many times there are things that you can do to help ensure it will be a success, such as with the party planning. If you are looking for a theme for your party, then consider the gender of the individual, their age and personality before making any final decisions.

For example, for a “Sweet 16” get together, consider a Glamour Shots type of party complete with gowns, gloves, makeup, etc. This is a perfect birthday bash for your teen as they can get dressed up in whatever they want and apply make-up and then be ready for their close-up. It is a good idea to start gathering different types of clothes and shoes; a thrift shop is ideal for choosing some clothes.

It is advisable to have each girl bring their own brush and make-up or you can purchase individual kits for each girl and let them keep them as party favors. You can make a copy of the pictures and include them with a thank you note from the lucky girl.

Having a movie night theme for a birthday is clever and fairly easy to plan. For example, the invitations can be made to look like a movie ticket or you can design them to look like a movie reel with all of the details of the birthday party on them. Have someone dressed up in a tuxedo standing outside the door where the guests can hand them their ticket and they can check to see if they are on the “list.” No movie night theme birthday bash would be complete without a red carpet so check around and see if any carpet store has scraps of carpet available.


Stylish Aquariums Design Ideas That Looks So Adorable 36

48 Stylish Aquariums Design Ideas That Looks So Adorable

An aquarium is an enclosure with at least one clear side that houses water-dwelling fish, plants and other livestock and decorations. An aquarium offers a place for fish and plant life including corals and reefs to live in a contained control and artificial ecosystem. In addition, aquariums offer a beautiful landscape and can add interest and beauty to any room. If you want to add the wow factor to your room with a beautiful aquarium design then you will want to read this article.

When it comes to aquarium design, there really are no limits but your imagination and ambition. However, you do need to keep in mind that a little research will go a long way. Before you begin your design project you will want to investigate which fish and plant life you plan on having in your indoor aquarium. After you have completed your research you will have a better understanding of which fish and plant life creatures can inhabit the same aquarium. You will also be aware of the conditions you will need to provide to such creatures that will ensure that your aquarium is a successful and healthy design effort.

After you have researched the requirements of the fish and plant life that you want to include in your aquarium it is time to choose the tank. Tanks come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. A good rule of thumb for your first aquarium design is to keep the tank between 20 and 30 gallons and choose a shape that is regular; this will make caring for your new aquarium much easier especially for beginners.

Depending on the size of the aquarium tank that you choose you may also need to purchase a stand. Stands also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures. When choosing a stand for your tank the most important thing to consider is weight, you need to make sure that the stand you choose will be able to hold the weight of the tank. A good rule of thumb is, every gallon of water equals 1o lbs of weight.


Lovely Outdoor Pumpkin Stands Design Ideas For Kids Play To Have 35

45 Lovely Outdoor Pumpkin Stands Design Ideas For Kids Play To Have

This year, why not paint a Halloween pumpkin? A painted pumpkin will outlast a carved jack-o-lantern by months and can even be repainted for use as a Thanksgiving decoration. With a little imagination, painting pumpkin faces will become a real family treat.

My wife and I stumbled upon these pumpkin painting ideas quite by accident. A couple of years ago we had the grand kids here in late September. On a whim, we decided to visit a local pumpkin patch and let them pick out a couple of pumpkins to carve for Halloween. The patch had a little stand set up with various fruits and vegetables for sale, along with a nice supply of jams, jellies and preserves. I think that is the main reason my wife wanted to go there! Displayed prominently along the back wall of the fruit stand were several of the cutest painted pumpkins we had ever seen. I told my wife we had better price a couple of them on the way out.

After picking out a few nice sized carving pumpkins we headed back to the stand and were knocked off our feet when the clerk told us the prices for the painted pumpkins. There was nothing less than $40! Most were $50 and up!

That got my creative juices flowing. Our smallest granddaughter had fallen in love with one of the painted faces and I just would not let her down. As soon as we got home I went straight to the internet and was surprised to find relatively few listings for pumpkin painting.


Modern Diy String Light Design Ideas That You Need To Have 45

47 Modern Diy String Light Design Ideas That You Need To Have

People are starting to discover the huge role which lighting design has on a given space. With appropriate lighting, a kitchen for example can be transformed from a cooking production facility, into a tranquilizing spot to chill and have a drink with close friends… all with the flip of a switch. A simple but effective lighting design choice is to add cover lighting.

Cove lighting is a terrific way to get a dramatic impact to virtually any space in your home as it projects a cozy glow up onto the ceiling. This style of light can be installed behind crown molding roughly six inches down from the your ceiling. The best part for this project is the price tag. For under 100 dollars and several hours of your time, you can complete your new cove lighting installation and completely transform the overall look of a space or room.

So how do you go about installing cove lighting? First and foremost, you will install your electrical outlet horizontally at the top of the wall approximately 4 inches down from the ceiling. If you aren’t familiar with electrical codes and installation, have your friendly electrician install the plug with the switch.

When you are looking at the lights for your cove lighting design, there are several things you will want to consider. The LED rope lighting is the best choice as it is flexible to fit behind your crown molding. In addition, it has a low upfront cost and is efficient to operate.


Stunning Dog Bed Design Ideas To Try Right Now 30

45 Stunning Dog Bed Design Ideas To Try Right Now

When searching for the best pet beds for Fido or Patches, you will want to
consider durable materials for outdoor use, and washable fibers for indoor use. Most pet enthusiasts know that dog beds can get very dirty and smelly, especially in the hotter summer months. To avoid your designer dog beds from turning into curbside refuse, make sure that you make a wise pet bed purchase decision based on the size, breed, and health conditions of your pet.

For example, if your pet
suffers from hip dysplasia or arthritis, you might want to get a heated pet bed that
will keep your animals’ bones warm while they sleep. Cold bedding can lead to stiff
muscles and joints, causing further aches to your dog or cat that is already

If you prefer designer dog beds, to give your pet its own special flair, you can
purchase beds that are bejeweled or even have your pet’s name stitched into the
fabric. The best kinds of pet beds are washable and durable, because as a pet
owner you are probably very familiar with pet odors and hair shedding. Be sure to
look for bedding that comes with washable covers or made with microfiber material
that will keep dirt and soil from being imbedded into your dog’s pillow. An animal
that has a soft and warm place to sleep at night will love you as a best friend
forever, not to mention will keep your dog or cat from taking up your side of the
bed at night!

If you live in a warmer climate with hot summer months, your pet might enjoy a
durable aluminum framed pet bed that is similar to a camping cot. These beds are
low to the ground but raised just enough to circulate air from beneath to keep your
pet cool. You can also add a throw blanket on top of the bed to create a cozy place
for your pet to snuggle. These types of beds are lightweight and perfect to keep
your pet’s odor from becoming absorbed into your carpets. Animals that have
arthritis will also enjoy new memory foam pet beds that will adjust to their weight
and give them the comfort that they deserve as they sleep. With such a variety of
bed bedding options available, you will surely bring happiness to your dog or cat by
giving them their own place to sleep.


Amazing Diy Easter Egg Craft Design Ideas To Try Asap 45

47 Amazing Diy Easter Egg Craft Design Ideas To Try Asap

This project is a simple way to personalize an Easter craft project that you and your child can do together. Teachers would also benefit by having their students create this one of a kind personalized gift for their parents, grandparents, or anyone special to them. For this project an Easter gift for grandparents was created.


1 large clear plastic egg with removable top (we chose a lavender base with a clear top)
1 package of sticky gems (we used purple, lavender, pink & fuchsia with an emerald style)
1 package of transparent word stickers (we chose words about grandparents)
1 package of fun fur stripes yarn in pastel colors (we chose purple & pink)
1 package of jelly beans.

For this project you will first need to fill the bottom section of your plastic egg. We filled ours with a package of jelly beans, but wrapped candy, chocolates or other types of gift items, such as an Easter wash cloth or pot holder with a bag of candy or nuts would also do. Once the inside of the egg is filled, put the clear egg top on. Next, take two strands of fun fur yarn (purple & pink) long enough to wrap all the way around the center of the egg, leaving enough to tie a small bow at the top. This will hold your egg tightly in place and add visual texture. Next, remove transparent word stickers and place them horizontally across the front of the egg top.

Make sure to gently smooth out any air bubbles. Finally, remove sticky gems from the package and stick above or near words to add dimension and sparkle. This project is quick, yet such an easy way for your child or student to personalize a holiday gift for those they love.


Amazing Diy Wooden Lamps Design Ideas With Modern Pieces 43

47 Amazing Diy Wooden Lamps Design Ideas With Modern Pieces

Lighting has become a more prominent feature in rooms for interior design these days, with many showing interest in lamps, classical and innovative. I always remember my beautiful floor lamp with its large pleated shade that was inherited from a family member and was fantastic to read under. Unlike ceiling lights, many lamps are a lot dimmer and help to emphasize light to a particular area of a room or help to add dimension to a space. As its popularity grows, some innovative lamps could almost be seen as pieces of art or even multipurpose objects.

Sustainability has been the word on every one’s lips today, with people looking for ways to make the home beautiful without being a burden on the environment. DIY and recycling has been a big trend lately and can be seen from innovative lamps made from pre-loved bits and bobs, thankful to be given a new life. Tripod lamps are an example of this. Designers have taken a wooden tripod once used for surveying and added a light bulb on top to transform it into a somewhat post-modern creation. The legs and pieces from the frame make it a rather industrial looking piece but it is that aspect that will bring character and life to a room.

Carrying on from DIY, making use of household items, can mean coming up with crazy creations. For special occasions where you want to use something a little bit more exciting than candles, it is as simple as filling an old jar with water, cutting a glow stick and pouring the contents into it, (be careful that the skin does not come into contact with the illuminated liquid). It may not be so sustainable as the liquid is quite toxic, but is definitely a creative way of illuminating a room. Staying on the simple sustainable track, other ways of making unique and creative lamps is as easy as putting thin fairy lights into old wine bottles.

Arc lamps have also been popular over the year with their great swooping arc changing the shape of standard linear floor lights. They are probably best for living rooms with the bulb arching over a chair or sofa, as the lamps have the tendency to be quite large. Other similar designs are also available such as adjustable swooping lamps with linear rods attaching the light to the fixated rod connected to the floor.
Designers have also had fun with the house ware item combining practicality to the standard bedside table lamp by making them additional book rests. No need for book marks now, as you can place your bedtime book on top of the lamp, keeping the page intact, whilst transforming the light into a small house. Very cute.


Pretty Winter Trees Design Ideas With Fireplace That You Need To Try 33

45 Pretty Winter Trees Design Ideas With Fireplace That You Need To Try

A great warm and bright atmosphere in winter could be ensured not only by the traditional Christmas tree with its colorful lights, but also by the right fireplace in the living room or the dining room where the Christmas dinner and opening of presents are to take place. While you won’t have a wood fire but a gas fire in there, the fireplace design may be in any style you choose, so as to match the room layout and the holiday season spirit. Gas fires come with various trim and fascia options that might meet any room design. Nothing may counterbalance better the winter cold than the heat of flames and a joyous comfortable decor.

If the space is arranged in a modern style, you can go for chrome or steel fascia, reflecting the fire light. If, on the contrary, your home is styled in a classical manner, you can choose brass or black finishes or cast-iron fascia frames. If your dining room floor is made of dark brown marble tiles, such finishes would not only match them but impart a sense of refinery and artistry.

If you placed your Christmas tree in the children room, being more concerned to attend to their beliefs and gift expectations than to a formal Christmas dinner for adults, you can opt for a wall mounted gas fire to save some space. If you want one just for ornamental purposes, an open fronted one will do. But if you have small children, maybe a glass fronted one would be a better idea, both for the amount of heat and to protect your kids. You do need a fire guard, too, for this purpose.

If your house is in a rustic style or if your old parents live with you, an outset gas fire would match both, in terms of design and personal needs. The wood casings would suit both your timber floors and the wood paneled walls. At the same time, the high level switches that you may order would work optimally for your old parents.


Inexpensive Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas On A Budget 43

47 Inexpensive Pumpkin Carving Design Ideas On A Budget

Pumpkin carving is an age old tradition enjoyed by young and old alike. Whether you want a simple pumpkin carving to sit on your own doorstep or you are planning a pumpkin carving party, selecting the right pumpkin is a vital part of the overall process.

As an overarching principle, the pumpkin you select will be picked according to what you intend to carve on it.

You will have seen in the shops and markets that pumpkins range from tiny to huge and all have a place in the rituals of Halloween. The largest pumpkins make fantastic centrepieces and can take the largest carved designs and probably the most elaborate as well. The small examples are used to demonstrate fine pumpkin carving techniques and these artistic examples are usually given pride of place in any display. For the vast majority of stencil designs that you will either make or buy, medium sized pumpkins are ideal.

It’s a good idea that before you make your trip to buy your pumpkin you make a mental note of the size of the stencil(s) that you will be using and that you select pumpkins using this mental image. Look for pumpkins that are uniformly orange which indicates that they are ripe and for those without bruising or other signs of damage. Any damage will adversely affect the life of the carved pumpkin.