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Romantic Teenage Girl Birthday Party Design Ideas That Have A Best Theme 46

47 Romantic Teenage Girl Birthday Party Design Ideas That Have A Best Theme

If you have ever planned a birthday party, then you probably know, depending upon your personal circumstances, that it can be difficult to come up with a way to make it a great birthday for the honoree. However, many times there are things that you can do to help ensure it will be a success, such as with the party planning. If you are looking for a theme for your party, then consider the gender of the individual, their age and personality before making any final decisions.

For example, for a “Sweet 16” get together, consider a Glamour Shots type of party complete with gowns, gloves, makeup, etc. This is a perfect birthday bash for your teen as they can get dressed up in whatever they want and apply make-up and then be ready for their close-up. It is a good idea to start gathering different types of clothes and shoes; a thrift shop is ideal for choosing some clothes.

It is advisable to have each girl bring their own brush and make-up or you can purchase individual kits for each girl and let them keep them as party favors. You can make a copy of the pictures and include them with a thank you note from the lucky girl.

Having a movie night theme for a birthday is clever and fairly easy to plan. For example, the invitations can be made to look like a movie ticket or you can design them to look like a movie reel with all of the details of the birthday party on them. Have someone dressed up in a tuxedo standing outside the door where the guests can hand them their ticket and they can check to see if they are on the “list.” No movie night theme birthday bash would be complete without a red carpet so check around and see if any carpet store has scraps of carpet available.


Beautiful Garden Pond Design Ideas With Deck That You Should Have 33

45 Beautiful Garden Pond Design Ideas With Deck That You Should Have

The decision to build a water garden should not be taken lightly. There is a lot of planning required to make sure that your water garden ideas will truly turn out to be what you want.

The first things to consider are where you want the garden to be and does it fulfil these basic requirements:

  • Does it get good sunlight?
  • Is the ground reasonably level?
  • Is the area open enough so that you will be able to enjoy the pond?
  • Will it be too close to large trees and shrubs that will shed leaves and tress into the pond water?
  • Are there any power lines, phone lines, gas pipes or water pipes that might be at risk if you dig in that particular spot?
  • Will you want to add fish to the pond?

Of-course water features don’t have to be dug into the ground. You could make an above ground pond. These can be made from all sorts of things from small terracotta pots to half wine barrels right up to purpose built ponds. Generally above ground water gardens are placed where people can readily see them, like on a patio or deck or against a fence or wall. It is a good idea to incorporate a wide lip around the pond for sitting on so that its contents can be readily admired.

  1. The beauty of an in ground water garden, however, is that they look more natural. Things to remember when designing your inground water garden feature are these:
  2. Don’t make the lip of the pond level with the ground. Raise it up about an inch. Hide the edge from view by using edging materials like rocks and pebbles and low growing plants and creepers.
  3. Grade the surrounding ground away from the water feature. This will encourage any run off to head away from your pond rather than into it.
  4. Don’t skimp on the quality of the pool liner. Soil is porous and if you don’t use a liner you will be continually topping up your pool plus possibly causing damage to the surrounding area. A pool liner will prevent this. There are two main choices in the type of liner, flexible or hard shell. The flexible liner allows you to define the shape of your water feature. These are usually made of a durable heavy duty plastic or rubber compound. Hard shell liners are preformed into shapes like kidney or oval to name two. They often have spillway slots so you can run one pool into another and create a waterfall or stream effect. They are also longer lasting than flexible liners and less likely to e punctured.


Relaxing Diy Indoor Water Garden Design Ideas That You Need To Copy 47

48 Relaxing Diy Indoor Water Garden Design Ideas That You Need To Copy

Before designing your garden, you should have an idea of what you want to plant and how big your garden is going to be. It is also important to take into consideration the topography of your garden when you decide to plant. Some issues with the topography may have to be dealt with first before you can start planting, especially if you will be gardening in a space that isn’t leveled.


Several factors determine the size of your garden. These factors include the following: the existing area of your lot, the time you can devote to your garden, and your budget. The area that you have to work with can affect the outcome of your garden. A little resourcefulness is needed if you’re working with a small yard or an indoor garden. If this is the case, you can always use containers such as pots or portable planters. You can also utilize vertical space by elevating plant containers, either by hanging them on the ceiling or stacking them on shelves. Trellises can also come in especially handy if you’re working with crawling plants.


Most houses in urban and suburban areas usually have a flat yard ideal for laying out planting beds. In some cases, however, gardeners would find themselves with a hilly or a sloping topography. It is much easier to plant on level surfaces than it is to plant on a bumpy or hilly surface. An unleveled garden can also result in areas of poor drainage. For hilly surfaces, you have the option of leveling it out by filling out depressions and by flattening out any bumps. In this process, you should refrain from compacting the ground extensively as it can affect the soil’s ability to drain water later on.


Container Beds Versus Rows

Now, people always ask me why I often have raised beds or containers in mind when talking about planning a garden. “My father taught me how to plant in rows on the soil, it’s how we’ve always done it!” they’d say. Just because that’s what’s been done for hundreds of years, it doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient way. More and more people, especially suburban and urban gardeners, have been reaping the benefits of raised bed gardening. Let me list them for you:

  • You can create and use your own soil mix rather than stick with the soil you have on the ground, no matter how poor it is.
  • Since you aren’t stepping on your soil, there’s less compaction. Raised beds allow the roots of your plants to get a bit of air.
  • Tending to raised beds doesn’t break your back.
  • You can be more efficient at maintaining your garden. You can space your plants closer together on raised beds than on rows, maximizing your space and allowing you to water and remove weeds more efficiently.


Affordable Boho Wedding Theme Design Ideas That You Need To Have 37

45 Affordable Boho Wedding Theme Design Ideas That You Need To Have

Weddings in the UK have transformed in recent years. Gone are the stuffy and overtly formal celebrations of yester-year, where every tradition was adhered to down to the most fickle detail…

Following the rise in popularity of the civil ceremony and the relaxing of Church of England laws (and their clergymen and women) the UK wedding market has rejuvenated itself and is now one of the most exciting and affluent business markets to be involved with today.

The sky’s the limit, when it comes to planning a UK wedding, with our tiny little island taking its lead from the American market. There are now no apologies and few restraints when it comes to planning your special day – with brides opting for an eclectic mix of styles and themes; ranging from Princess pink wedding gowns, to vintage tea sets and photo booths.

The bohemian bride is no longer and outsider, as many free thinking and forward thinking Brides and Grooms to-be create a wedding that represents themselves as a couple; doing away with what’s ‘expected’ and ‘right’ and opting instead for a wedding that is as individual as they are.


Adorable Japanese Courtyard Decor Ideas To Have Asap 03

48 Adorable Japanese Courtyard Decor Ideas To Have Asap

Japanese gardens are becoming popular and more gardens in the States are trying to have one part of them turned into a Japanese garden. In this Japanese gardening article, you are going to learn 3 types of Japanese garden styles which is very important for the planning of such gardens.

You should know about the meaning of each types of garden because you would not want to spoil the theme of your whole garden. Let me get down and dirty to explain three of them to you.

When people talk about Japanese garden styles, people will start imagining about small gardens without much flowers. Yes, this is the most popular style but the truth is, true Japanese gardens take up a lot of space. The small one that we always hear of will be the courtyard garden.

Courtyard gardens have only a few features but to be simple is the key here. The purpose of having little features is to promote serenity and peace when you walk into the area. It does not aim to cause confusion and thus, a small water feature. a miniature tree and a few plants will be enough for a courtyard garden.


Top Diy Painted Rock Art Design Ideas That You Need To Try 04

47 Top Diy Painted Rock Art Design Ideas That You Need To Try

I am fascinated by pictographs and petroglyphs. Are they 10,000 year old graffiti or a sacred magical symbolic code, a treasure map, a historian’s guide book in storied stone?

In 1806, while on their historic journey across Montana, the Lewis and Clark Expedition encountered several signs of the first inhabitants of this great land. Pictographs and petroglyphs were inscribed on rock faces by the tribes that lived in this area as well as nomadic tribes that followed the bison herds across the Great Plains. From Clark’s Journal “. . .on the face of this rock the figures of animals”. To an archaeologist there is a distinct difference between pictographs and petroglyphs. Pictographs are intricate designs painted on a hard surface, petroglyphs are chiseled or carved into the rock surface.

Cave walls and cliff faces bear witness to the travels, hunts and brave deeds of prehistoric hunters and their historic American Indian counterparts that inhabited the caves sporadically for a period of nearly 10,000 years. These early residents of Montana left behind a rich legacy of artifacts and painted images that many feel have magical significance; evocative and mystical, they fire our imagination and connect us with our past.

Distinctive remnants of the past can be viewed along the Sun River, the Smith River, in the Little Bear Mountains, the Lewis and Clark National Forest and in numerous other historic locations across Montana. Kila, Montana, near Kalispell is another site of exceptional renderings of warriors, buffalo and tribal culture. At Kila there are two sites with hundreds of images. Hellgate Canyon, a narrow passage from the Missoula Valley to the plains is an impressive viewing of Indian petroglyphs that grace the canyon walls. In neighboring northern Idaho, extensive storied stones are found on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille.


Best Landscape Design Ideas For Minimalist Courtyard Garden 43

45 Best Landscape Design Ideas For Minimalist Courtyard Garden

Designing interior courtyards will generally follow the same rules for designing small gardens. The real major difference is in paying more attention to vertical space – the walls that surround courtyards. Some small gardens do require this attention but almost all courtyards have this extra consideration.

Generally, the first thing that comes to mind for decorating walls and vertical space is to cover them in climbing vines. While this has a lot of good character, it only decorates the existing boundary without creating a depth or illusion of boundary.

In most cases I’ve found that creating an independent source of height in front of courtyard walls and /or in corners can create a 3d effect much like that found in paintings. In a sense, it makes the independent element a focal point while using the decorated walls as a backdrop or framework. Framing an element this way helps create depth of boundary behind that element.

Some good elements to use are small trees with tall trunks, tall pots, pots on stands, groups of pots, trellis works, and decor. Creating beds next to walls, filling them with the same vines as the walls, and placing a few tall specimen plants or trees also has a nice dramatic framework effect with a lot of depth.


Wonderful Sunflower House Design Ideas With Astonishing Landscape Surrounding 45

47 Wonderful Sunflower House Design Ideas With Astonishing Landscape Surrounding

Congratulations on your interest in growing sunflowers! The sunflower is one of the most widely recognized flowers of all time. It emits a sense of warmth and joy. This large flower blooms in a wide variety of yellows, pinks, and even reds. With a little care you will be rewarded by the most noble of garden beauties. Ask anyone who has grown them and their eyes will light up with excitement. The many varieties have something to offer gardeners of any age regardless of space limitations. So let’s get busy and you will have a garden to be proud of in no time.

Selecting a Growing Location

Your first must decide on where you want to grow your sunflowers. Consider the following:

  • Sun and Wind Exposure – As the name implies, sunflowers like the sun and do best when in a sunny location. A general guideline is to pick a spot that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. If planted in a shady area, sunflowers may stretch to reach sun and thus will require additional staking support as they will if planted in a windy area. Tall varieties are often planted on a fence line to help with support.
  • Orientation to Other Plants – Particularly with the taller varieties of sunflowers you will want to consider how they may block sun and wind from your other garden plants. This can be a good thing if you are trying to shelter particular garden plants from too much sun or wind, but you must also consider if your sunflowers are going to negatively impact your other sun loving plants when selecting the best spot for your new friends. Some people feel close to sunflowers because they are at eye level and bend to look you in the face. Sunflowers will face east at maturity so this may also be a factor you want to consider in their placement.
  • Days to Maturity – Most sunflower varieties have a maturity between 75 and 110 days. The nice thing is that you can grow them from the last freeze until winter sets in again. Consider planting a few each week to insure staggered blooms and enjoyment throughout the growing season. Stop planting 75-100 days before the first winter freeze is expected in your location.
  • Annual or Perennial Varieties – By far, most people plant annual sunflowers, but if you only plant annuals you are missing out on some beautiful long term friends. Perennials may take one to three seasons to begin producing blooms, but they are well worth the wait and can be great producers of flowers for years to come.


Brilliant Indoor Fish Pond Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Have 34

48 Brilliant Indoor Fish Pond Design Ideas For Small Spaces To Have

It is a question I have been asking myself lately and I think I have come up with the number one reason people want to have a fishpond.


It is purely the aesthetics and wow factor of having a water feature that is attractive, awe inspiring and gets a lot of favorable comments from visitors. Aesthetics. It just looks good, especially if it has colorful koi or large gold fish swimming in it. And everyone wants his home to look good. If you stock it with a few koi fish, it becomes a high class koi pond. Otherwise, it is just another garden pond.


Aesthetically, the pond has to serve as the focal point of your back yard. It probably should be placed near the center of the yard or in a corner if the yard is smaller. It has to be appealing enough to make people want to walk around it. Take into consideration the proximity of fences, trees and shrubbery when planning the location of your new pond.

Types of Fish You Put in Your Pond

There are literally dozens of fish types that you can stock your pond with. Just make sure that the fish you select are hardy, colorful and lively enough to attract attention. Koi fish, fantails and pond comets are good choices for a pond, but the comets and koi are more aggressive than fantails. It might not be a good idea to mix fantails with more aggressive fish.


Pretty Diy Outdoor Lights Ides For Valentines Day To Copy Asap 30

47 Pretty Diy Outdoor Lights Ides For Valentines Day To Copy Asap

Instead of fighting the crowds at restaurants (if you’re coupled), or spending the evening alone with a tub of ice cream (if you’re single), why not throw a Valentine’s party and invite all your single friends? Here are some ideas for making your Valentine’s Day party memorable and fun, with advice from party planners on what to do, interior designers on how to decorate, and fashion design experts on what to wear.

Invitations: E-mail invites are becoming the norm, but for Valentine’s Day, nothing beats a hand-delivered or mailed invitation. For a nostalgic touch, purchase a pack of Valentine’s like we used to give out in school. It’s a fun start to a memorable evening.

Icebreakers: Get the party started as soon as folks walk in the door with a funny Valentine’s Day icebreaker. Cut out photos of celebrities from an entertainment magazine and paste them on index cards. When a person arrives at the party, tape one of the cards to his or her back. This celebrity is the guest’s “date” for the evening. Then let guests mingle, asking each other questions to try and guess who their dates are.

Décor: Interior design experts know that the décor isn’t just about what guests can see, but what they smell, touch and hear. Dim the lamps and light every candle you can find. You want to fill your home with candlelight. Borrow candles from your friends if you don’t have enough. If you’re setting a dinner or buffet table, surround chargers and platters with pink feather boas to add romance and soft texture.