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Affordable Gothic Room Design Ideas That You Need To Try 37

47 Affordable Gothic Room Design Ideas That You Need To Try

Be aware, however, that there are good places to use certain designs, and then there are places that aren’t as good to use your favorite designs, no matter how much you like them. Gothic interior design is a good example of such a design. Although there are many things you can do with Gothic interior design, you will do well to understand where the best places are to use it. Otherwise you might discover that you are not getting the effect that you had desired in the first place.

The Need for Big Spaces

The concept behind Gothic interior design is that it is tall, big, and amazing. If you plan to introduce Gothic interior design and the colors that go with it, you will want to think about having a big space in which to put it. If you attempt to use Gothic interior design in a too-small space, the effect will be to make the space look crowded, and in addition, it will to make your home look much smaller. Therefore, you need to have big open spaces available that you can reserve for your Gothic interior design.

What Will Work?

Several main rooms can look really great with a Gothic Interior Design interior design feel. First of all, you might consider using this theme in your entry way as you plan the design of your home. The effect of walking into an entry way that has been designed using Gothic interior design offers a great feeling. This is because it makes the whole house seem large and on a magnificent scale. Yet another place that you might consider using Gothic interior design is your dining room. Here is an area where you can open up the ceiling and make it look much bigger using a wide variety of Gothic interior design tips.

As long as you keep in mind that you will need wide open spaces to properly introduce Gothic interior design, you will discover that it does wonders for the way your house looks. And it allows you to get the most exciting effects out of the spaces where you have chosen to place it.


Adorable Winter Tree Decorations Ideas That Suitable For You 41

45 Adorable Winter Tree Decorations Ideas That Suitable For You

Perhaps one of the best parts of Christmas is choosing a beautiful tree, stringing lights on it and then decorating it with ornaments and ribbon. Some families have a traditional way they decorate their tree, while others like to play around a little and change it up each year. There are many different ways to decorate a tree, as you can plainly see by viewing the many artificial tree setups at department stores this time of year.

While there are unlimited choices as far as adornments and color choices, there seems to be a few popular themes that people choose when decorating their tree. Some of the widely used decorating themes are detailed below.

The Homemade Tree – People who decorate in the homemade fashion would likely consider it a “traditional” tree, but only because it is tradition for them. Trees that are decorated primarily with homemade items include ornaments that have been passed down through the years, ones that the children made or that were gifts from special people. There is also likely to be a string of popcorn mixed with dried cranberries, or gobs of tinsel put on by child’s hands. These trees are sentimental and therefore, become a strong tradition.

The Traditional Tree – This tree is not named for the tradition of creating it each year, but for the traditional colors that adorn it. Decorated with clear or multi-colored lights, the tree is often covered in green, red and white ornament balls. Shiny or matte, these little globes are available in all sizes and material, from plastic, glass or metal. Ribbons in red or silver can swirl around the tree and be used to make a bow for the top, in place of a star or angel topping.


Cute Diy Curtain Headboard Design Ideas With Winter Lights To Have Asap 41

48 Cute Diy Curtain Headboard Design Ideas With Winter Lights To Have Asap

Decorating with white was a common retro look during the era of old Hollywood glamour. During the seventies, white leather couches and white shag carpets signified elegant home decor and a lifestyle of luxury. However, decorating with white is tricky and can be impractical considering the amount of actual living that goes on inside contemporary homes. As the temperatures drop and the snow falls, there are some simple yet incredibly gorgeous ways to incorporate white into your home decor, adding the picture-perfect sophistication of a winter wonderland into your own living space.

Really Up the Look of Polished Winter Elegance with All white, Everywhere

Keep it clean, simple yet sophisticated, and full of light without seeming too opulent or ridiculous by incorporating chic pieces. Paint the walls white, have white photo frames on the walls, white sheets, a classic chair with white cushions, and a classic 70’s style white fur or shag rug to have a bedroom look that is refreshing, but not overdone. Think along the lines of a relaxing spa. If bright white is too clean for your decorating taste, a slight-off-white works just as well to create an elegant and classic vibe for your space. Also, play with unique white touches and textures, such as a quilted headboard on the bed in your preferred shade of white, or add a white velvet stool in the corner. If an all-white bedroom feels stark and bleak for your palette, simply using white on the linens in the bedroom only can create a beautiful contrast with your walls and other furniture. Plus, white sheets always carry the fresh, clean feeling of luxury hotel linens. Or, do the reverse, and pair an all white-wall room with vivid and bold highlights. Adding a unique statement rug is a chic look for the contemporary home, and with the huge variety of luxurious area rugs that showcase bold contemporary patterns on the market, colorful details in a white room is certainly a sought-after interior home design.

Create a Chic Contrast

A splash of white on a single piece of furniture never fails to rich wall colors. The same applies to busy paint or a lavish wallpaper scheme, as busy walls balance with white furniture or white couches. A great example of mixing white into a room with colored walls is the pairing of cool blue walls with white detailing. This look works well in a kitchen or bathroom, as it has a clean, soothing, and pristine effect on the room. Or go for a contemporary and sophisticated look by pairing a white dining room with chic black furniture and accessories such as a wrought iron lamp or chandelier. If you already have a dark tabletop, counters, or glass cabinets, simply having white dishes can brighten up the entire space and add character simply by adding pops of white accessories.

Whitewash certain furniture if you prefer colored walls

For the kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms in the house, details such as cabinets are one of simplest yet most polished ways to add pops of white to the decor by whitewashing. Add bright, clean whiteness in a semi-permanent fashion. If you have brick accents, whitewashed brick is a chic and stylish way to add personality and contemporary flair to your living space.


Best Diy Wall Calendar Projects Ideas That You Want To Have It 45

48 Best Diy Wall Calendar Projects Ideas That You Want To Have It

Every business person knows that keeping a customer can be a challenge. A great way to show gratitude for their business and help your business grow is to give a wall calendar as a gift. Since many large corporations have a $50 and under price for any gifts that employees receive, a wall calendar fits the bill perfectly.

Benefits of Using a Wall Calendar
A wall calendar is a great visual way to project your company’s image. Because they are conspicuous, they can serve to remind all who see it about some important events, appointments, or dates that shouldn’t be missed.

Typically, the images are related to one another (themed), such as different kinds of animals; pictures of nature, such as mountains, trees, flowers, medicinal plants, people; or famous events and holidays around the globe.

Size of a Wall Calendar
It may be as small as six inches by six inches but the most common size is 12 inches by 12 inches (US) or something close to 305 mm by 305 mm (international size). Other sizes, especially the customized ones, are available per request.


Newest Antler Decorations Ideas That You Should Have 41

48 Newest Antler Decorations Ideas That You Should Have

What if you’re new to Antler Decor? Maybe you heard from a friend about the amazing compliments she received after ditching regular chandelier and replacing them antler chandelier. The compliments are now pushing you toward refurnishing your home with antler décor. How would you know what’s cheesy and what’s classy? After reading this article you should be able to make an informed decision the next time you go shopping for Antler Chandelier, Antler Lamps, or Antler furniture.

The two most important factors in making your purchases for your cabin or mountain home is the quality of your decor and how unique you want to be. First, are you going to go with original handcrafted chandelier or plastic chandelier that is mass produced. There is a big difference among the two and original handcrafted chandeliers are usually more expensive but are of higher quality and tend give homes a more rustic feel. In addition, handcrafted antler chandelier are usually more elegant and bring a certain style as the person who crafted the antler chandelier usually takes more pride in their hard work as opposed to antler chandelier that is mass produced and thus are usually poorly crafted. While antler chandelier are the perfect compliment to a warm chimney and wall décor, an individual can push the limits between classy and cheesy and thus proper planning is advised.

This planning could include taking a mental note of a friend’s home that is already decorated with antler décor. Also, a talk between spouses could spark new ideas as to what would work and what wouldn’t work. Another thing to take into consideration is the lighting and the accessories involved. First is it best to go with candlesticks or light bulbs? Most individuals go with candlesticks as the lighting feels more rustic but are a bit more expensive in the long run as new candlesticks have to be purchased on a regular basis. On the other hand, light bulbs are cheaper and some people do not want to deal with taking constant trips to the store to purchase candlesticks.

In the end, an individual will decorate their home as they feel is best for the home. In larger homes, antler décor will be numerous to “fill” the space while a smaller home or cabin will have few antler décor to avoid being “trapped”. Most individuals who fall in love with antler décor is due to purchasing original handcrafted antler chandeliers, antler lamps and antler furniture. In the end, original antler décor is a bit more expensive but it more elegant.


Stunning Kids Room Design Ideas That Is Difficult To Choose 43

45 Stunning Kids Room Design Ideas That Is Difficult To Choose

Decorating kids’ rooms presents a unique set of challenges and privileges. On one hand decorating youthful rooms can allow the freedom of not having to conform to the more adult themes or feeling the need to limit how far we take a design or theme. Kids’ rooms can go over the top with whimsical touches, paint colors, accent pieces, and overly matching items. The choices are limitless when it comes to decorating kids spaces.

The challenge comes in the fact that kids grow up quickly and what is appropriate for a two year old’s room doesn’t often translate to a fantastic five year old room. What works for a ten year old probably won’t be still workable for a fifteen year old high schooler. It is important to keep in mind these transitions when planning and decorating a room for a child.

One thing to keep in mind in decorating youth rooms is the amount of ‘stuff’ that kids tend to accumulate. Small toys, clothing, books, drawings, trading cards, etc. all find their way into most kids’ rooms. Design areas for these items to be stored will save you the hassle of having a constantly cluttered kids’ room. Designing storage units, toy chests, book shelves, coat racks and other storage units will not only provide visual interest to your child’s room but will prove very functional as well. In determining what sort of storage you will be utilizing, keep in mind that your child is growing. Choosing an overly personalize, overly youthful looking storage will necessitate replacing it when your child out grows the design look. If you do not wish to be replacing toy chests, book shelves, and other storage consider purchasing classic looking furniture that will blend in with whatever decorations come and go as your child grows up.

Your child’s likes are a good place to start when deciding on a decorating theme. You can use their hobbies, interests or even favorite color as a basis for the decorations in their room. Keep in mind that the more personalized and over the top themed the more exciting and fun the bedroom will be. The down side is that the more personalized and over the top the room is, the more likely it is that when your child outgrows whatever that particular like was the more they are going to wish for an immediate change in decoration.


Delicate House Containers Design Ideas To Try Asap 30

48 Delicate House Containers Design Ideas To Try Asap

Believe it or not there is a group of architects that have developed some very stylish residences out of the humble shipping container. Not only residences, there have also been hundreds of metal shipping containers used for museums, restaurants and weekend houses. You would not even realize that these beautiful and creative structures were once hauling supplies across the country.

The shipping containers are stacked, painted and customized to form the outer structure of the houses. Glass ceilings, walls and windows add light and give the structures a very bright and airy look.

The Shelburne Museum, located in Vermont, features a Collectors House designed by interior designer Albert Hadley and architect Adam Kalkin. It was created by using 3 overseas shipping crates that make a very striking house. The building features glass garage doors, a large patio area, living space, bedrooms and a full sized kitchen.

Adam Kalkin has designed houses out of shipping containers before, but his last one is actually a luxury dwelling for the rich. He unveiled his creation at the Art Basel Miami Beach art show in December 2005 and the attendants were surprised to see lavish furnishings and a beautifully designed interior inside a shipping container. The project has the interesting title of “Push-Button House” because it can be loaded in the back of a truck to be moved and it opens up like a Murphy bed to expose the interior.


Amazing Gallery Frame Wall Design Ideas For Family Photos To Try Asap 44

48 Amazing Gallery Frame Wall Design Ideas For Family Photos To Try Asap

Every photograph has its own story to tell thereby connecting you to the past. It makes you feel like you are in the scene when you took the picture and captured the unique and special moment. It is a visual link to treasured memories and emotions of the days-gone-by.

Cherished and colorful photos add warmth and brighten a room no matter where you place them. Photographs taken during vacation trips, beach holidays, birthday and wedding celebrations, graduation exercises, school events, baptism rites, visits to a zoo, festivities and other special events may be placed in photo albums, scrapbooks or book projects to be enjoyed and remembered especially in the later years of your life. A classroom picture during your elementary or high school days, pictures of your pet dogs, cats, love birds, doves or parrots, family orchids, beautiful sunset or sunrise, clouds, waterfalls and other landscapes or cityscapes may be displayed prominently in your living or bedrooms.

Beautifully framed photos of your family such as a graduation picture, a wedding portrait or portraits of your ancestors bring nostalgic or glorious moments of the past and these usually occupy the most conspicuous place in the house such as on the center or side tables of your sala set, on the piano, on your corner stands, or are showcased in your bookshelves or hanged on the walls of your living room.

Your collection of beautiful pictures, particularly landscapes, trees and flowers, can also be a good source of income. These can be displayed to be admired at or bought in art shows, galleries and local venues.


Brilliant Kids Room Design Ideas With Creative Chalkboard 40

44 Brilliant Kids Room Design Ideas With Creative Chalkboard

Different types of room dividers are available in the market these days. They can be classified as decorative dividers, privacy screens, outdoor/indoor etc. One such divider which is catching everyone’s attention these days is the kids room divider. They can be used in schools, daycares, or your own kids play rooms and bedrooms. A kids room divider can keep your child busy for hours as they are not only great for playtime but they also help to create an educational environment. These kids dividers are great for decoration, to split up a room, or for function with fun games or writing boards.

There are many uses for a kids room divider. There are single panel and multipanel kids room dividers. Single panel kids dividers are used mainly for educational purposes and make a perfect activity center for the kids since they come with interesting features like bookshelves, whiteboards, art easels or chalkboards. This helps to kindle the imagination of a child and help them to write, draw or paint on the divider. There are many educational kids dividers like tri-panel room dividers with write-n-Wipe dry erase surface, read and write room divider which combines a writing area with book storage, see-through easel room divider with paint caddies, 3 way maxi mirror divider and much more.

The next type which is folding multi-panel kids dividers can help in dividing a large kids bedroom into two portions to clearly define a playing and sleeping area. They can also help to add privacy when the bedroom is shared by two or more kids. Organizing a kid’s bedroom also becomes easier with a room divider as it provides storage areas. When a kids room divider is kept against a wall, the area between the divider and the wall could also be used for storing toys and other kids stuff.

Finally, these kids room dividers can also be used just for decoration and to brighten up the kids bedroom with their lively colors and with the kids’ own artwork. Dividers with colorful dinosaur artwork and mirrors would keep little kids engaged in playing for a long time.


Creative Diy Wood Home Decoration Ideas To Try Right Now 42

45 Creative Diy Wood Home Decoration Ideas To Try Right Now

Do you want to add to or change the look of your apartment or home? Are you
decorating on a budget? Do you have pictures sitting in boxes and want to
creatively display them? Do you love the appearance of wood and want to
implement wood working in your home decor? Have you shopped retail
stores but cannot afford retail prices?

1. Picture frames: Wood frames can be enhanced by placing a ribbon from
both sides of the top and then hanging it on a brass knob. You can easily
change the ribbon to different colors to match various color schemes.
Floating picture frames are a unique way to display pictures. They are hung
with ribbon in an uneven format, from an expandable iron rod.

2. Block letters: These can be used in decorating for different holidays or
remain stationary year round using colors that match the room’s color
scheme. A range of colors and sizes make the lettering more interesting
and fun. Custom lock letters are great in decorating kids rooms in particular.
Displaying a child’s name in wood letters reinforces the child’s feelings of
importance and self worth.

3. Wood signs: Vinyl lettering is popular. Quotes, special phrases or names
can be transferred onto wood crafts . Wood signs can be prominently
displayed for living room decorating, bedroom decorating or bathroom