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Inexpensive Living Room Decoration Ideas That Are More Stylish With Low Budget 44

48 Inexpensive Living Room Decoration Ideas That Are More Stylish With Low Budget

Whether you are moving into a new apartment or home or just looking to renovate your existing home décor, the living room is one of the most important rooms you will ever need to decorate. Many people have good intentions for their living room décor but then simply don’t know where to go with it and what to do to get the job done right. Here are some hints and tips to help you with decorating your living room:

  1. Choose a style: It can be very helpful to decide on a style early on when you plan to decorate your living room. Styles can include classic, contemporary, antique, traditional, transitional and more.
  2. Choose a theme: After first choosing a style that you want to use in decorating your living room, you may then want to choose a theme. This could be a color scheme or pattern that you use throughout the room.
  3. Be furniture smart: It’s important to have comfortable and useful furniture in your living room but be sure not to get too cluttered with the amount of furniture. You should also look into the best way to arrange your living room furniture to make the most of your space.
  4. Personalize: Take time to add the personal touches to your living room such as custom paint, family photos or hand crafted wall art to make your room extra special.
  5. Window treatments: Windows are very important to your living room and you should choose your windows, window coverings and window treatments accordingly to make the most of your space.

These ideas will help get you started in decorating your living room in a style you love and enjoy. You can expand on these ideas and find the perfect décor to meet your personal style and personality and reflect who you are. Make your guests feel comfortable and show them a touch of who you really ware with a great living room décor or theme. This is one of the most important rooms in your home, isn’t it time you start treating it as such?

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Chic Wood Living Room Decoration Ideas That People Will Love It 47

48 Chic Wood Living Room Decoration Ideas That People Will Love It

When transitioning to a contemporary living room, the second thing you want to attack is your flooring. Traditional styled home décor usually features either hardwood floors or neutral colored carpet. Contemporary style décor provides a large assortment of modern flooring options.

Create a contemporary living room: Modern Flooring

When selecting décor for your contemporary living room, flooring is going to set the tone of your space. Say goodbye to uninteresting neutral colored carpet and venture into other options in modern flooring. Modern flooring consists of several options for your space.

Bamboo Floors

Often referred to as the perfect “Green” flooring, Bamboo flooring is another popular option in modern flooring. This environment friendly option would be most suitable for earthy or relaxed contemporary living rooms. Bamboo flooring is available in two colors, blonde or amber. For those that desire hardwood floors at a reasonable price, bamboo flooring is definitely the perfect option.

Wood Tile Floors

The perfect compliment to any contemporary living room is wood tile floors. Wood tile floors are a wonderful alternative to our traditional styled hardwood floors. The classic tiled pattern enhanced the natural beauty of the wood. Wood tiles floors create a radiance in any room. If you desire simple, classic and attractive flooring wood tiles are perfect for you.


Adorable French Country Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas To Have 45

47 Adorable French Country Living Room Interior Decoration Ideas To Have

Do you love the curve of a graceful turned leg? Is button upholstery your passion? Is your favorite color “toile”? Just kidding… it’s a pattern! You’ve come to the right place!

French Country is not just a decorating style, it’s a mindset. On the one hand, it’s a particular look, and always vintage with a hint of nostalgia. On the other hand, anything goes. You can mix materials and textures and just have fun with it.

Some hints: Try to stay with soft yellow, baby blues, and creams. Unless you’re working with a particular French country motif, such as roosters, sunflowers, or lavender. Use baskets, wire or woven, to get a rustic feel. Keep natural materials in mind while you’re decorating. Natural stone, wool, cotton, wood. And, back to toile. It really defines French country.

Let’s start with the most important room, the bedroom. What style bed do you want? You can go from a pared down wrought iron bed… painted a nice cream color. Or, take it all the way to an ornate Sofia bed with button upholstery. Do you prefer a sleigh bed, or maybe something with a canopy? Any of these will work, as long as you have an armoire. No decent French bedroom would be without an armoire. If it has a crackle paint finish, even better. Do your best to fit some toile into your private oasis.


Stunning Winter Living Room Design Ideas For Your Inspiration 39

42 Stunning Winter Living Room Design Ideas For Your Inspiration

Winter can seem three times longer than any other season when you’re cooped up inside and looking at the same four walls. If there were only some easy way to banish winter doldrums! Updating your living room furniture is a great way to focus your energy positively on an activity that can provide immediate and lasting benefits. Rearranging existing furnishings and adding a new piece or two can rejuvenate your room and put a smile on your face!

Getting started with your living room furniture rehab project doesn’t have to be difficult. You might have lots of ideas already and can’t decide which ones you’d like to follow. Many furniture retailers will be happy to help you with a free home furnishings design consultation. The great part about rejuvenating your space is that you can start anywhere; there is no right answer. We do have a few guidelines to help you begin, and then you can let your creativity take you from there.

First decide if existing pieces are going to be a part of your new space. If you would like to keep some existing furniture, decide which pieces need replacing. For example, replacing your sofa and re-grouping the end tables and occasional chairs can add a dramatic new effect to your room. It could be that you’d like to start completely from scratch. If this is the case, a design consultant can be helpful in discussing what furniture might best fit your lifestyle.

A key part of your planning is the decision on how much money to invest in your new furniture. Quality home furnishings will pay dividends over the years you enjoy their beauty and comfort. There are important characteristics to look for when purchasing quality furniture and these points can help you make apples to apples comparisons when you shop. Better-quality living room furniture offers these and other features:


Amazing Living Room Table Design Ideas To Copy Today 45

47 Amazing Living Room Table Design Ideas To Copy Today

Living room tables, also called buffet tables, are not just for decoration, these tables have multiple uses. Whenever you come across a table in the living room usually they either have remotes or flowers on them. There are many other practical uses for these tables that are often overlooked. The living room is the perfect place for families to come together which is why it is important to have a common table in yours. Often people dream of sitting and eating at the dining room table as a family, but we all know that this is harder to achieve than one would think. The living room is more often than not the one room in which the entire family is together. The living room is where families bond, whether they are playing board games on their family room table or they are relaxing watching their favorite television shows together. It is always important to bond with your family during a time that is not forced, but a time when everyone is happy to be together. Yes, it is just a table but it is a table that gets more traffic than you would imagine! Art projects, reading, eating, and studying are all activities that take place at these special tables.

Living room tables do not just need to be practical, they can also add to your décor. If you do not have a family or have a small family and do not spend much time in the living room, then perhaps you want to invest in a more decorative table rather than a functional table.

Decorative tables can be just as much fun as practical ones. You can use them to display freshly cut flowers, pictures, figurines, or anything that is important to you. Some living rooms are homey and lived in, where others are hardly used at all and are more of an interior design statement. A living room is not just a room where the TV is stored, and a table can be a great centerpiece for a room where the idea of living is something other than watching TV.

When it comes to decorating your living room you can opt for a table that helps with your family’s daily routine or one that aids in perpetuating the elegance of your home. A living room table, regardless of its use, is the perfect tool for your living room to achieve its goals stylishly.


Fabulous Small Living Room Design Ideas That Merges With Minimalist Dining Room 39

43 Fabulous Small Living Room Design Ideas That Merges With Minimalist Dining Room

While it may seem daunting to fill a large living room with furniture, it can be an even greater challenge to make a small living room look comfortable without feeling cluttered.

This is particularly true if you’re a renter. You may have bought the perfect furniture for your last apartment but fitting it in your new one has proven virtually impossible. Nothing seems to look right, often because the room’s dimensions are drastically different from the last apartment.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make a small living room more homey and comfortable.

If your room isn’t carpeted, you’re already a step ahead. While wall-to-wall carpeting can make a home look warmer, it can also give it a cramped feeling. The eye can easily be fooled. Where carpeting can make a room look small, tile can make us think a room is larger than it really is.


Charming Living Room Design Ideas For Small Apartment 43

45 Charming Living Room Design Ideas For Small Apartment

Living in a studio apartment may limit you physically, but it doesn’t have to cramp your imagination. What you can or cannot do with your living room design is entirely in your hands. In fact, if you want to turn your living room into beach front property, that is entirely possible.

If you already have an aquarium, why not take advantage of that and turn it into a theme? A potted palm tree is surprisingly affordable and looks great inside. If you lay down a large section of artificial turf, the effect of the tree is enhanced ten-fold. A huge backdrop in the form of a beach painting will turn your studio apartment into a tropical hideaway. By the way, you don’t have to spend a thousand dollars at an art store for the painting. A search of the local thrift stores will usually turn up wonderful paintings, photos or prints for no more than twenty dollars. If you want to go all out on this beach theme, you may add a child’s tiny wading pool. Fill it a quarter-full with water and put play sand in the middle for a sandbar. Place a colorful pail of sand on top for an added touch.

One of the great things about living room design in a studio apartment is that if you can paint the apartment or wallpaper it in one day. If you are lucky enough to have hardwood floors, why not go for the Stockholm look? Paint three of the walls and the ceiling eggshell white. Apply a seal brown, or taupe-pattern of wallpaper to the fourth wall. Add curtains with a design similar to that of the wallpaper. A circular straw matt in the middle of the floor, and set off by a large floor vase of dried flowers will complete the look. By the way, this is an excellent design to use with a room divider.

In most cases, simple elegance is what gives an apartment studio a feeling of both charm and space. You can paint your central room old lace, and lay down a white sheepskin throw rug. A small, stately dining room set works well. You don’t have to buy a Hans Wegner set. A simple, well-polished oak table with matching chairs works just fine, especially if you top it with tall, white candles. A clock with Roman numerals works great in this setting, as does a stand with wildflowers.